As part of its ongoing commitment to improve the quality of medical care provided to limited-English speaking patients, Language Line® University, the globally recognized interpreter training and certification subsidiary of leading language solutions provider Language Line Services, will host health care and interpreter industry experts from across the globe on September 15th and 16th, in Monterey, CA, for the inaugural meeting of the Global Advisory Council (GAC) which was formed in April, 2008

GAC members, which include health care and medical interpreters, hospitals, language access advocates, interpreter associations and other language service providers, will come together to draw a charter for the think tank formed to help guide medical interpreter-related programs and policy initiatives. The GAC will work to develop standardized training and testing guidelines for interpreters working in the medical field.

In addition to the creation of the GAC™s charter, mission and 2008-2009 strategic goals, major topics to be discussed at the September meeting include development of an international medical interpreter registry and other tools for enhancing the overall profile of the medical interpreting profession.

We are extremely pleased to host such an impressive group of national and international industry thought leaders for this first GAC meeting, said Winnie Heh, Language Line University Provost. We are confident that the input and international perspective of the Global Advisory Council will help eliminate the costly, and often life-threatening, language barriers that are still present in today™s hospitals.

The 14 inaugural members of the Global Advisory Council attending the meeting include:

1. Izabel Arocha, President, International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA), Boston, MA

2. Isabel C. Barrera, Medical Interpreter Program Manager, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO

3. Louise Behiel, Assistant Manager, Interpreting & Translation Services, Calgary Health Region, Canada

4. Janet Bonet, Director, Nebraska Association for Translators and Interpreters (NATI), Omaha, NE

5. Kathleen K. Diamond, President and CEO, LLE Language Services, Washington, DC

6. Winnie Heh, VP Global Operations, Language Line Services, Provost, Language Line University, Monterey, CA

7. Patricia Isaacs, Site Services Manager, University College Hospital London (UCLH), London, England

8. David Jones, Interpreting & Volunteer Services, Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines, IA

9. Linda Joyce, Consultant Language Access Specialist, Walton, WV

10. Minhua Liu, PHD Professor, Fu Jen University and Taiwan Normal University, Taipei,Taiwan

11. Diane de Terra, Ph.D. Research Professor of Language Practice, University of Maryland’s National Foreign Language Center, College Park, MD

12. John Weiner, VP of Products & Services, PSI Psychological Services, Burbank, CA

13. Eric Yu, CMO, China Translation & Publishing Corporation, Beijing, China

14. Nancy Zarenda, Language Policy and Leadership Community Advisory Board Member, UC Davis Health System, Sacramento, CA

This is an exciting and historic time in the interpreting industry as we are reaching beyond state and international borders to incorporate global perspectives and best practices, said Nancy Zarenda, a certified Spanish interpreter from Sacramento, California, who assists government agencies, organizations and businesses with multilingual policy formation. As a veteran language specialist and policy consultant, I am honored to be part of this Global Advisory Council and the enhancements to language access we can hopefully create.

* Monterey, Language Capital of the World

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