Massage and other complementary therapies are in the news, in an article reported by The Tennessean newspaper.

The article profiles Dr. Cathy Stallworth, who refers her patients to complementary practitioners: “When patients come to see [the doctor] with back pain, they’re as likely to get enrolled in a therapeutic yoga class, receive hypnosis or be sent for acupuncture as they are to be prescribed drugs.”

Also covered in the article is the ongoing debate on health-care reform and whether or not complementary-care practitioners will have a seat at the table.

“As Congress and others wrestle with cutting health-care costs, proponents of acupuncture, Chinese herbal treatments and other nontraditional approaches hope to have a voice in the debate,” the article noted. “If more emphasis is placed on finding the procedures or therapies that work best, practitioners suggest, perhaps some alternative treatments could be found more cost effective than the drugs and surgeries that dominate Western medicine.”

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