Is it really possible to rapidly lose weight, not be hungry, feel great and easily help others do the same thing? That is what has been happening in a small community in Ohio for the last 18 months. Hundreds of Ohioans are rapidly losing weight, getting healthier and learning better eating habits.

(PRWEB) September 25, 2008 — Is it really possible to rapidly lose weight, not be hungry, feel great and easily help others do the same thing? That is what has been happening in a small community in Ohio for the last 18 months. To date hundreds of local people (and people in surrounding counties in Ohio) are rapidly losing weight, getting healthier and learning better eating habits.

After more than 30 years of searching for a miracle diet, Susan Milligan of Caldwell, Ohio found that most diets simply didn’t work long term for her." All of my life I have played the yo-yo diet game. If I was fortunate to find a diet that helped me lose weight, the odds of keeping the weight off were against me from the beginning. This was because the diet didn’t have a plan to successfully maintain my desired weight or the plan was too complicated and time consuming." says Susan Milligan, age 48.

After experiencing two painful medical conditions (plantar fasciitis and a herniated disk) in a short period of time, Susan sought relief by searching for and finding an effective weight loss plan." I needed help right away. I didn’t want to start yet another diet that would only result in a couple pounds of weight loss a month," says Susan Milligan." It was important to me that the weight loss was rapid but safe and something I could do for the rest of my life."

In October 2006 Susan found a weight management program that has enabled her to safely lose 100 pounds in nine months, and she’s now developed a team of more than 80 health coaches to help her coach other people on how to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of their lives.

Today Susan Milligan is an independent, certified Health Coach, Business Coach and Global Director for the weight management company that enabled her to go from a size 22 to a size 8. Susan along with a team of 15 other health coaches in the area are now helping more than 500 people in surrounding counties experience rapid weight loss and better health. On a national level, Susan and her entire team of 80 coaches across the country are helping more than 1,600 people experience a better quality of life through weight reduction and healthier eating habits.

The weight loss phase of the program includes low cost, great tasting meal replacements that are doctor recommended for over 25 years. Until recently this program was only available through a doctor. The meals are affordable and have been clinically proven effective and safe at a major university in Baltimore.

Recent studies have shown that more than two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese and if the trend of eating the wrong types of foods in unhealthy portions continues, by the year 2022 the percentage of overweight Americans will grow to a staggering 80%. "Most people know that being overweight causes many health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, depression, certain types of cancers, etc. But what many people don’t think about is that being overweight is the #1 preventable disease."

The program is simple, easy to follow for anyone who is on the go, and completely safe. Maintaining the weight loss is just as effective too. After reaching a healthy BMI weight, a free health coach takes the client through a gradual transition phase. This is an important stage in the program because we re-introduce nutritional store-bought foods and gradually decrease the meal replacements. Most communication with clients across the country is by phone or email. The client can feel confident that their free coach is qualified to help them personalize the plan to their individual needs and knows exactly what the client will be experiencing because they have been successful with the program.

"When people are ready to safely reduce and maintain a healthy weight to improve the quality of their life, I want them to know we will be here to help them. The way we can help is by providing our free coaching service so they too can experience optimal health and enjoy their life again." say Susan Milligan.

"This program is not about losing weight short term. It’s about getting healthier through a non-drug therapy program and learning the skills to maintain optimal health for life. Clients on the program will learn portion control, healthy eating habits, and better food choices. It’s about re-learning how to eat, when to eat, how much and what kinds of foods provide nutritional value to our meal plan." says Susan Milligan.

Individuals across the country who are interested in changing their life through weight reduction and optimal health can get a free consultation by a qualified health coach to determine if this program is right for them by contacting Susan Milligan at 800-801-2485 or 740-732-6514.

If you are interested in a rewarding career that helps people lose weight, achieve optimal health which also includes free business training and an attractive compensation plan, contact Susan to see if you qualify for a health coach position.

"It is our goal to help Americans live a better quality life and training health coaches to do what we do, duplicates our efforts. This duplication concept helps even more people than I could help if I were coaching completely on my own." says Susan Milligan. "I am always looking for qualified coaches who have a passion for helping others and at the same time being a health coach holds them accountable for their own health." Call Susan at 800-801-2485 or 740-732-6514 to set up an interview.


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