Designed to dramatically boost walking in October ” from the national fitness walking average of under 10 minutes a day to more than 30 minutes ” Walktober inspires participants to make walking a priority. Walking is the one activity almost everyone can do. It requires no special equipment… all a person needs is the right pair of shoes and place to walk, notes Holly Bloing, Director of the national campaign.

Web or Paper Walktober Versions

Organizations can choose between an easy-to-implement online option or a paper-based kit to reach their entire population. Participating organizations range in size from under 100 employees or members to over 100,000. And the online version makes it simple for any size group to get started with an affordable, branded website, adds Bloing. The Walktober website has been completely redesigned for 2008, with new content and features including an exciting route tool called MapWalk. Organizations can try it free at

The Health Enhancement Systems publication, Walking: The Health and Economic Impact, cites 21 peer-reviewed studies that support a comprehensive walking initiative. The data is clear; there™s no better wellness program investment than walking campaigns, confirms Dean Witherspoon, President of Health Enhancement Systems. If we can motivate people to simply set aside 30 minutes a day for brisk walking, we can improve the health dramatically. Hundreds of organizations have used Walktober either to launch a wellness initiative or give their program a shot in the arm.

The idea for a single month to highlight walking grew out of research showing consistent walks produce outstanding health benefits, such as:

  • Improved weight control
  • Emotional/psychological boost
  • Decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers
  • Enhanced mental alertness
  • Better sleep

To learn how your organization can participate in Walktober, go to or call 800.326.2317 (989.839.0852).

In addition to Walktober, Health Enhancement Systems has created more than 20 wellness campaigns including 10K-A-Day, Get Fit on Route 66, Passport: Round Trip to Health, NutriSum: Healthy Weight for Life, Green Planet Wellness, and Great American Fitness Adventure. To learn more, go to or call 800.326.2317.

For Health Enhancement Systems
Holly Bloing, 989-839-0852