Ponte Vedra Beach, FL — June 25, 2009 — MASSAGE Magazine has teamed with Health Positive!, a provider of home-study continuing education courses for massage therapists and bodyworkers, to launch the Continuing Education Resource Center at www.MASSAGEmag.com/healthpositive Tailored to the needs of the massage therapist, this resource center provides news, information, and tools for success with massage continuing education.

In this online resource center, massage therapists can read articles on how to get the most from their continuing education, view the latest offerings in continuing education courses and join a community of massage practitioners and experts in an open exchange of ideas. For example, readers can use the comment platform on every article, allowing them to communicate with other readers as well as the MASSAGE editorial team.

Other features include blogs by industry experts, course specials, a free ethics course and the latest news in continuing education.

“This continuing education resource center is a great resource for MASSAGEmag.com’s visitors, and it expands on MASSAGEmag.com’s timeless library of articles, adding a new dimension to the site with extra reader interactivity,” said Jennifer Whalen, MASSAGE Magazine’s associate editor of integrated media.

“We are pleased to be hosting the Health Positive! Continuing Education Resource Center,” said Manuel Lirio, MASSAGE Magazine‘s vice president of Web operations. “As one of the leading massage therapy education providers, Health Positive! is uniquely qualified to inform MASSAGEmag.com Web site visitors about the various continuing education options available today.”

About MASSAGE Magazine: Founded in 1985, MASSAGE Magazine is the industry’s independent, monthly magazine. Each issue provides information on continuing education, how to manage a practice, acquire new skills and stay informed on established and emerging techniques. For more information about MASSAGE Magazine, please visit www.MASSAGEmag.com.

About Health Positive!: Health Positive! was created by Sharon Burch, M.S.N., R.N., N.C.B.T.M.B., in 1996 to meet the continuing education needs of massage therapists, bodyworkers and holistic nurses. Health Positive! is a leader in producing home-study continuing education courses for nationally certified massage therapists and bodyworkers. The company uses positive, creative approaches to all aspects of product development and business growth.

For more information, visit www.healthpositive.com.