HealthFusion® today unveiled a revolutionary Practice Management System that provides services to physicians and providers at a dramatically lower cost than its competitors and gives providers the tools necessary to increase revenue from claims.

No one in the industry is offering the services and features we provide with our unique Practice Management System. By integrating our Clearinghouse with Practice Management, we are creating a one-of-kind system that gives providers the tools they need to make sure they receive the payments they are owed, for the actual amount they are owed and in a timely manner, said Dr. Sol Lizerbram, Chairman of HealthFusion.

HealthFusion, founded by physicians in 1998, is a national clearinghouse for health care transactions, connecting health care providers with over 2000 insurance companies through a revolutionary web portal to provide real time eligibility, claims status, claims submission and status, and claims denial tracking. The web-based Practice Management System incorporates all the functionality of the company™s award-winning Clearinghouse.

The new Practice Management System integrates patient registration, scheduling, billing, real-time transactions for eligibility, referrals and pre-certifications and claims reporting features. Key elements of HealthFusion™s Practice Management System include:

  • Low Cost – Because the system is web-based, there is no software or hardware to purchase and no start up costs. The integrated system eliminates payments to a third-party clearinghouse to process claims. The affordability of the HealthFusion system makes it available to virtually all providers, no matter their size.
  • Denial Defender„ – This unique feature identifies the most common claims denied and the reasons for the denials. Providers are able to identify why they are not being paid on claims and make necessary practice changes to ensure payment.
  • Electronic EOB® – Automatically posts EOB to patient™s account. This eliminates the need for EOB data entry, saving staff time and potential mistakes. Providers will be able to simply review patient reports and accounts without additional staff time.
  • Contract Management “ This dramatically new reporting feature will allow providers a detailed report of all claims, showing specifically the amount that has been billed on a particular claim, how much has been paid and how much SHOULD have been paid based on contracts with the insurer. This feature, which will be available later in 2008, will give providers easy access to the same information that insurance companies already have.
  • Most Advanced System in Industry “ Because the system is web based, HealthFusion is able to continually update and add new features and respond to new regulations, changes in the industry or provider needs. New features are instantly available to customers, without having to purchase or download new and updated software.

The functionality and affordability of our system levels the playing field for physicians and providers with the insurance companies. Insurance companies have an arsenal of computers and the latest technology to process claims. Most providers, particularly solo practitioners and small practices, are losing the battle because they are working with one computer and one staff person to process thousands of claims. HealthFusion arms providers with the tools to fight back and make sure they are properly paid for services, Lizerbram said.

HealthFusion™s Call Center was recently recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for providing An Outstanding Customer Service Experience. HealthFusion is the first company in their industry to receive this recognition.

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