This month, HealthPort, a leading health information management and technology company, launched a company-wide program aimed at preserving the environment and moving toward sustainable business practices.

Already, the company has significantly reduced its use of paper and has increased the amount of items it recycles, including paper, cardboard, pallets, toner, cans, plastics, and computer equipment. Other efforts include the promotion of electronic communications, the use of digital media, and reduced electricity consumption.

HealthPort™s clients have also been instrumental in adopting its technology that significantly reduces paper and toner consumption. Through HealthPort™s automated, electronic release-of-information system (HealthPort ROI), over 75 million pages of medical records were securely transmitted electronically for processing last year, saving over 9,000 trees! In addition, over 41% of all requests for medical records are delivered electronically through HealthPort™s web portal, HealthPortConnect, saving medical record requesters $9.75 million annually and approximately 7,200 trees.

Through HealthPort™s document conversion services (HealthPort DMS), clients save an estimated 25 million pages of paper a year in printing and photocopying patient records. In addition, HealthPort™s electronic document management system (HealthPort EDMS) saves clients approximately 1.1 million pages of paper each year through the system™s COLD/ERM capture feature.

Today, healthcare organizations are replacing antiquated, paper-based processes with more efficient electronic systems at an increasing rate. As a leading provider of health information technology solutions, it is crucial for HealthPort to recognize its responsibility in promoting and sustaining Earth™s resources, says Steve Roberts, COO of HealthPort. Our company has taken many positive steps to conserve, support, and nurture eco-friendly ways to do business and will continue to seek out innovative ways to lessen our dependence on limited resources and promote our environment, concludes Roberts.

About HealthPort

HealthPort combines technology and strategic solutions to continually improve fragmented business processes for the healthcare community. The company offers revenue cycle management, electronic medical record, electronic document management, document conversion and storage services, practice management, release-of-information, and healthcare consulting services. HealthPort is the one-source provider, offering the widest selection of affordable, quality health information products and services in the industry. For more information on HealthPort™s Going Green initiatives, visit

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