A new Web site, HealthProvidr.com launches to provide career resources and community for health providers, starting with licensed massage therapists. Parent company Health Shoppr, Inc. will soon use the deep profiles created on the site to create a marketplace for massage services, allowing consumers to find out how therapists are different, and book the best with a cutting edge booking and payment system. Massage therapists looking to improve their business will find information and tools to help them gain more and better customers.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 4, 2008 — Health Shoppr, Inc. announces the launch of HealthProvidr.com, a career and community Web site for health and wellness professionals, starting with massage therapists.

The HealthProvidr website focuses on career information for massage therapists, providing actionable tips and resources focused on growing a practice, and succeeding in the field. As part of this launch, the company is giving away free Web profiles that massage therapists can use to promote their businesses on the internet.

CEO Dr. Vijay Goel explains, “Massage therapy is a field where most therapists really want to help people, with tremendous potential to improve lives through wellness and pain relief. Unfortunately, the business aspect can be harder to pick up for therapists focused on their customers. We’re looking to give therapists the tools and information to improve their business and get more customers, including helping them get found on the internet. Our goal is to get every therapist a detailed Web profile so they can find the customers who need their services.”

Tools provided in the site include:

  • Job board
  • Space for rent
  • Discussion forums
  • Q&A with peers and experts
    Career resources and tools
  • Signing up for a free account on HealthProvidr.com allows the therapist to create a detailed Web profile that will be listed on the HealthShoppr.com comparison shopping site for its launch by the end of the year.

Health Shoppr, Inc is a company built to bring the transparency and convenience of the internet to health services. Analogous to eBay or Expedia, Health Shoppr will bring transparency, choice, and clear prices to consumers in a way that helps make health services easier to understand, more convenient, and more personalized.