VERONA, NJ, November 18, 2009 /Cambridge Who’s Who/ — Heide I. Nispel, Owner of New Planet Earth, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in massage therapy as well as her research and application of nontraditional healing modalities with origins in Eastern tradition – healing body, mind and spirit.

As the owner of New Planet Earth, Ms. Nispel is responsible for working independently with private clients and through Spa facilities and giving classes for nontraditional healing modalities. She currently performs environmental clearing work from electromagnetic frequency toxicity of private and public spaces and work environments and is doing research in energy balancing of chakras and elemental organ energies using specially designed tools for this process. After undergoing back surgery 20 years ago, she was inspired to explore nontraditional ways of healing and attributes her success to her unending quest for knowledge, hard work and integrity.

Ms. Nispel completed a college course in basic psychology and received her certification as a Massage Therapist from the Institute of Health Education in 1993. Ms. Nispel is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She has also studied Craniosacral Therapy I and II with the Upledger Institute as well as modalities with origins in eastern holistic tradition — healing body, mind and spirit. Ms. Nispel hopes to write a book that would inspire, comfort and support others in their search for self healing of body, mind and spirit.

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