massage cream

There is no replacement for a professional massage; however, your clients might not always be able to afford a massage when they need one.

Many people have a set budget and can only make appointments a certain number of times each month. Budgets don’t account for pain, though. One way you can help patients between visits is by offering massage cream for sale. By providing this product for clients between sessions, you will encourage self-massage—and the self-connection that will help them remember to take care of their bodies both by themselves and by booking additional sessions with you.


Massage Cream Answers

If you simply recommend that a client purchase a cream to use between visits, there’s a high likelihood of confusion. Imagine trying to evaluate the products available in a big box store or drugstore, without the knowledge you have as a professional massage therapist.

Your clients might ask: Are there particular ingredients to look for, or ones that should be avoided? If the cream produces a tingling feeling is it good, or should I wash it off? What’s the best way and time to apply massage cream? How do I engage in some simple self-massage techniques?

By making sure your clients have the answers to those questions before they even realize they need to ask them, you will be adding value to your service. If you offer your clients products you trust, you’ll be taking that service to an even higher level.


Training and Expertise

Your clients trust you, and that trust was probably built slowly, through good service and solid advice. If you have products for sale, your clients will trust that they are high-quality products. The other side of the coin is that you will know your clients are using products you find satisfactory.

As a professional massage therapist, you have training and expertise your clients do not have. You know why some creams are better than others, and which ingredients are most likely to work for various conditions and problems. You are also aware of any allergies or sensitivities your clients have. Therefore, you are especially qualified to make recommendations as to which massage cream will be most helpful for your clients.


Avoid the Sales Pitch

If you are worried about looking like you are just trying to make more money, stop worrying. Remember, when you sell something that is beneficial to clients, you provide an extra service.

If you ask every client during every visit if he or she wants to purchase a massage cream, then yes, you may be overselling. However, if you offer products to appropriate clients when you believe they will find relief, you are serving more than selling.

In addition to benefits to your clients, you may make a small profit by offering massage cream for sale. It probably won’t be enough profit to push you into a higher tax bracket, but you will see some recompense for adding value to your service.