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MASSAGE Magazine created the Massage Relief Effort to provide a way for our advertisers to assist American communities right away.

In response to the massage community’s questions about this effort, we’ve put together this FAQ.

Q: What is the Massage Relief Effort created by MASSAGE Magazine.?

A: The Massage Relief Effort is a direct response to the coronavirus and its effect on communities. When our staff saw an opportunity for the massage industry to help support local communities, we created a fund supported by advertisers that will be donated to the United Way’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund.

Q: Where is the money for the Massage Relief Effort coming from?

A: The funds are coming solely from a percentage of advertising run in MASSAGE Magazine. No money that any massage therapist pays for professional liability insurance or a subscription will be used for this fund.

Q: Why are you calling it the Massage Relief Effort if the funds aren’t going directly to massage therapists?

A: Any person in the U.S. — including massage therapists and clients — may access assistance from the United Way. We used the name Massage Relief Effort because the magazine and our advertisers are part of the larger massage community.

Q: How can I benefit from the Massage Relief Effort?

A: The United Way has established the COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund to help local communities and to bolster its 211 service in this challenging time. Call 211 to talk to a United Way representative and learn about the assistance available to you.

Q: Is there a massage-industry-specific fund?

A: We searched for a massage-specific fund, but did not find one at this time.

Q: Why did you choose the United Way?

A: We wanted to support an established organization that was ready to provide assistance right now. According to Charity Navigator, which rates charities, out of a possible rating of 100 the United Way received a rating of 100 in accountability and transparency; a 95-out-of-100 rating in the area of financial; and a 96.46 overall rating.

Q: What else is MASSAGE Magazine doing to support massage therapists right now?

A: We are creating a monthly payment plan for our Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) customers. Work is also underway for an expanded CE program through MMIP.  Details on both of those programs will be released soon. We have also created a section on our website dedicated to reporting on the coronavirus and its effect on the massage profession, as well as a weekly e-newsletter dedicated to helping your practice and self-care during the coronavirus pandemic. And we are working with experts in the field to bring you advice on generating alternative income streams and to support you in your self-care.

Q: Where can I connect with massage therapists to talk about what’s going on in the massage industry now?

A: Join your colleagues on MASSAGE Magazine‘s social channels to discuss best practices and other concerns in the massage industry during this challenging time.

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Karen Menehan is MASSAGE Magazine‘s editor in chief.