Orlando, Fla. (April 18, 2018)According to Forbes, over 80 percent of consumers consider corporate social responsibility when deciding what products or services to buy and from whom they receive them. Forbes also reported that nearly 90 percent of millennials value the outreach programs within their employers and would resign if those programs began to slip. As an industry filled with people who have made a career out of helping others feel beautiful, it’s inheritable that this industry is packed with hearts of gold. At Premiere Orlando you’ll be able to learn how you can take the loving, caring personalities and talents in your shop from behind the chair and put them in front of your community. At this year’s event, attendees will have the opportunity to take classes from industry leaders and discover how they can get their companies involved in an already established industry charity or maybe help spark an idea that you and your salon can do to uniquely impact your community.

Friends by Your Side founded by celebrity stylist Martino Cartier, Wigs and Wishes, which is powered by Friends by Your Side, is dedicated to providing wigs and granting wishes to the courageous women and children who are battling cancer. This large initiative is made possible by a network of participating salons, stylists and global corporate sponsorships. Salons and stylists throughout the world empower women by providing them with complimentary services that for a brief moment, allow them to forget about their fight. At Premiere Orlando this year, Friends by Your Side will educate on techniques on how to style wigs in a way that will appear natural and give clients that are undergoing cancer treatments back their dignity and pride. During this class Martino will also go over how you and your salon can participate in the Friends by Your Side program and increase your community outreach thus growing your clientele.

#BeAwesomeToSomebody barber and social media sensation, Mark Bustos whose popularity has grown rapidly after videos showing his awesome involvement in the community – by providing haircuts to the homeless, will set the stage for countless inspiration from the streets to creatively bridging the gap of social media for your business. Watch a haircutting demonstration while learning how to translate your dreams into actions-including tips and tricks that can be applied to everyday situations behind the chair. In this course, you will find inspirational mantras and tips to bring back to your media strategy to positively affect your business and career!

Cut It Out’s class presented by Lillie G. Wiggins will help with Cut It Out’s first mission of educating the beauty industry on how to become a front-line identifier of domestic abuse. With the general consensus that many industry professionals are some what of unlicensed therapists for their clients.

Join Hello Gorgeous! Of HOPE, Inc’s Kim Becker as she will share her over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry in an inspiring and uplifting presentation that will teach you how to create a positive social impact in your community that will be beneficial to your business, your team and ultimately fill your heart. Kim will share first-hand experience that the “doing good” ripple effect has in the salon industry and what that can do for your salon.

Impact Melanoma believes that beauty trends may change, but saving a life lasts forever. In this look-and-learn experience Meghan Rothschild will teach you how to screen for suspicious moles while performing common salon services. As some of the only professionals to closely examine skin on a regular basis, stylists, barbers, estheticians, nail technicians and other beauty professionals are in an unique position to spot melanoma on a client long before anyone else, especially with the understanding that head and neck melanomas are particularly dangerous. This look-and-learn experience that is an additional fee; will provide attendees with certification of this life-changing service, educational