NEW YORK, New York (March 23, 2012):  HELPS Teas known for its dedication to taste and the pursuit of beneficial teas is becoming the tea darling in the U.S. marketplace with big tea drinkers including A-list celebrities and influential global tastemakers.

Already a popular choice for many families and working professionals, HELPS Teas is becoming the new tea of choice for tea drinkers as it provides the individual with unmatched flavors and offers valuable benefits to one’s health. From indigestion to symptoms of the common cold, HELPS Tea combines innovation with a passion for health to create teas for the overall well being of the individual.

HELPS Teas is a new health tea brand for tea lovers and is perfect for all seasons. This brand of healthy teas is versatile, having product lines specifically for adults from their BREATHE, a minty mix of natural herbs such as eucalyptus leaves and thyme meant to support your immune system and normalize respiratory functions; ORGANIC R&R, a soothing and relaxing combination of lemon balm and passion flower; ORGANIC GREEN TEA LEAVES, a life-extending mix of green tea leaves and spearmint infused with antioxidants to FOR LOW SUGAR DIETS, MAKE IT EASY, and JUST FOR HER and for children, products include LITTLE TUMMIES, BREATHE, FOR REHYDRATION DIETS, and DREAMS that tastes good either hot or cold. HELPS Teas is currently sold online and in specialty stores including Duane Reade stores.


HELPS Teas, part of Pharmadus, a leading Spanish pharmaceutical company for over 50 years delivers the highest quality all natural products to provide overall good health and well-being. HELPS Teas has an adult and children’s line that has superb flavors with medicinal properties in each tea. For additional information on HELPS Teas, visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.