NEW YORK, NY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 – HELPS Teas is introducing their adult and children’s line of innovative herbal teas to the U.S. marketplace for overall good health and well-being.

HELPS Teas can offer relief from trouble sleeping and indigestion to difficulty breathing during allergy season. Whether it’s served hot or cold, your taste buds will be grateful as HELPS Teas is truly the everything elixir.

With the growing consciousness about health in America, HELPS Teas is the perfect balance of taste and wellness. HELPS Teas comes from a global parent company that is a leader in health and wellness for more than 50 years. HELPS Teas is Kosher certified and has zero artificial flavoring and no preservatives. HELPS Teas contains herbs including eucalyptus leaves and chamomile flowers that will work in sync with your system.

HELPS Teas has united the benefits of herbs learned from previous generations and is committed to their customers to create a natural herbal supplement that has received worldwide recognition from big tea drinkers to A-List celebrities.

HELPS Teas adult line consists of ORGANIC R&R, a combination of lemon balm and passion flower that has a soothing effect ending restless nights; BREATHE, supports respiratory and sinus functions; ORGANIC GREEN TEA LEAVES, promotes overall well-being and added bonuses include beautiful skin and anti-aging ingredients; FOR LOW SUGAR DIETS, the sugar free answer for diabetic cravings; MAKE IT EASY, does exactly as it says by regulating your bowel movements; last but not least, JUST FOR HER caters to women with menopause.

The HELPS TEAS children’s line is great tasting and is 100-percent plant based. Help your little one fall asleep with DREAM; offer relief for an upset stomach with LITTLE TUMMIES, help clear their throat with BREATHE; and feel refreshed with FOR REHYDRATION DIETS.

About HELPS Teas

HELPS Teas, part of Pharmadus, a leading Spanish pharmaceutical company for more than 50 years delivers the highest quality all natural products to provide overall good health and well-being. HELPS Teas has an adult and children’s line that has superb flavors with medicinal properties in each tea. For additional information on HELPS Teas, visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.