WALLINGFORD, CONN., (December 30, 2009) – HerbaSway, maker of the best-selling HerbaGreen® Tea and other all-natural liquid supplements, has launched a new line of anti-aging beauty drinks known as HerbaSway Spa & Beauty. These new Green Tea and Super Fruit drink supplements offer a revolutionary approach to balancing inner health with outer beauty, while slowing premature aging. The concentrates are available now at spas and resorts nationwide, as well as online at the newly launched website, www.herbaswayspa.com.

The specially formulated liquid supplements help keep the complexion smooth and radiant when added to any hot or cold beverage. Each Spa & Beauty formula comes in easy-to-carry sizes, making it convenient to enjoy healthy benefits anywhere.

“HerbaSway Spa and Beauty helps our customers find the balance of inner and outer beauty,” explained Rob Wolfson, president of HerbaSway Spa & Beauty. “Since spas and resorts are, by definition, places to rest, rejuvenate, and nurture the body and soul, they are the ideal primary sales channel for these great-tasting beauty drinks.”

The HerbaSway Spa & Beauty Green Tea drinks drench the body’s cells with active antioxidant polyphenols that fight free-radical damage and help rejuvenate skin. Flavors include Original, Peach and Raspberry.

The HerbaSlim Spa concentrate is an appetite suppressant and fat burner that helps reinforce any healthy eating and exercise routine. The formula has carbohydrate-blocking abilities that are effective with any weight control program.

The Super Fruit concentrates also promote anti-aging benefits. The 7 Acai Blend combines of Acai, Gogi Berry, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Grape, Black Cherry, and Indian Gooseberry to helps users energize naturally while boosting their immune system and slowing premature aging. The Blueberry concentrate supports brain, skin and immune systems. And the Cranberry with Elderberry concentrate is an antioxidant that purifies and detoxifies, while promoting good urinary tract health and a stronger immune system.

“HerbaSway developed the ‘beauty drink’ concept based on the popular philosophies of nutricosmetics, or ingestible products that focus on skin rejuvenation,” said Dr. Jonathan Selzer, chief scientist at HerbaSway Spa & Beauty. “European countries as well as Japan have long embraced the concept of drinking or eating their way to improved skin and wellness. We are bringing this concept to North American consumers with our new beauty drinks – which will provide them with a flavorful, easy path to great skin and better health.”

As with all HerbaSway formulas, the Spa & Beauty drinks are based on traditional combinations of only the purest ingredients and wild-crafted herbs chosen from around the world, used in combination with the latest western scientific research. Each formula is synergistically blended to produce optimum levels of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals in the body. All HerbaSway products are sugar free, caffeine free, calorie free, alcohol free and have no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
About HerbaSway Spa & Beauty
The Spa & Beauty division was created to bring sophisticated, wholesome natural concentrates that nourish the body and skin inside out to the health-conscious consumer.