Partners Launch Online Contest on to Design Limited Edition Organic Tee, Benefiting Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Knitwear

(New York, NY) April 23, 2009 – hessnatur ( the leading global pioneer in organic apparel has joined forces with Planet Green ( the first and only 24-hour multiplatform media destination devoted to the environment, to create an online contest offering the American public a chance to make an environmental statement by designing a limited edition organic tee.

Launching this August, the contest is designed to highlight the damage a traditionally manufactured tee has on the environment. The growth and harvesting of conventional cotton causes some of the world’s worst environmental pollution — requiring one third of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers to create just one of the 2.4 billion tees produced globally every year.

“We believe that the simple act of every person choosing an organic tee shirt can make all the difference in the world,” states Wolf Luedge, CEO of hessnatur. “Much like changing a light bulb or recycling, an organic tee does make a difference.” will host the contest online and will offer Americans an opportunity to design an iconic organic tee that, if chosen as the winning design, will be sold internationally. The winning T-shirt design will be selected by readers through a unique view and vote feature. The shirt will be made by Grameen Knitwear in Bangladesh, a subsidiary of the Grameen Foundation, founded by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Muhammad Yunus.  Fifty percent from the sale of each tee will be donated back to the Grameen Foundation, which uses the power of microfinance, technology and innovative solutions to defeat global poverty.  

“Planet Green engages consumers of all backgrounds with inspiring and innovative content, information and resources that help them make a positive and personal impact on the environment,” said Ken Rother, Vice President for Planet Green Interactive. “Through our partnership with hessnatur and this competition, our audiences have a fantastic interactive opportunity to use creativity as a way to make a statement about how we humans impact the planet.”

In addition to the environmental impact of traditional cotton manufacturing, health, social and educational improvements for workers are also at the core of hessnatur’s mission.

A pioneer in the sustainable and social responsibility movements, hessnatur was recognized with the 2008 Public Eye Award at the World Economic Forum in Davos for its work in improving the social conditions of workers around the globe.  hessnatur recently merged the revolutionary microfinance program of Dr. Yunus’ Grameen Knitwear, with its expertise in organic farming to help improve both the living and health conditions of workers in Bangladesh, one of the poorest regions in the world.

In addition to Planet Green and Dr. Muhammad Yunus, hessnatur has long partnered with world leaders to improve the social and environmental conditions of workers, including Clean Clothes Campaign and FairWear Organization.

Due to the unrivaled organic apparel network of hessnatur around the globe, including organic linen, silk, alpaca, wool and cotton textile projects in Peru, Senegal, Turkey, West Africa, China, and Bangladesh, they are able to pay above fair-trade price and still offer reasonable prices to consumers.

“Keeping green affordable is especially challenging during this economic climate.  The future of the planet depends on our growing the green movement, so we are committed to putting Organic clothing in our closet,” states Luedge.

The German-based hessnatur, which was founded in 1976, launched in the United States in September 2008 at New York Fashion Week with Miguel Adrover as their newly appointed Creative Director. For more information visit:

About hessnatur:

Founded 33 years ago by the European environmentalist Heinz Hess, the company designs organic and natural clothing. Its mission simply states: “Human beings should live in harmony with each other and with nature. Respect for the planet and its people is fundamental to the way we do business, interact with our customers, our partners and each other. We will not compromise our environmental integrity or our design aesthetics.”  

hessnatur is a leader in developing and encouraging environmental and social programs throughout the world.  The company is dedicated to the health of the planet and those that live on it.  They thrive on the utmost authenticity and transparency in the creation of everything they produce through to the manufacturing process. 

About Planet Green:

Planet Green is the first 24-hour, multiplatform media destination devoted to the environment.  This brand with a mission is available in 50 million homes and launched on June 4, 2008.  Planet Green is the center for the new green conversation, speaking to people who want to understand green living and to those who truly want to make a difference in meeting the critical challenge of protecting our environment. 

Planet Green and its two robust websites and, offer unique, original, insightful, inspiring, and entertaining content related to how humans impact the planet, and how we can evolve to live a better, brighter future.  Planet Green’s unique programming, digital tools, and content will enlighten, empower and most certainly, entertain.