Highlight Massage Cream Benefits, MASSAGE MagazineTake a moment to consider whether you are showcasing all aspects of your massage practice and skills in order to attract and maintain more clients. Many massage therapists and bodyworkers may lean more toward the side of quiet modesty and feel uncomfortable highlighting all the great things about their business and services. However, letting clients know all about the value they will receive when they book appointments with you is simply a smart move that can benefit all involved.

Thinking about how you market yourself and your practice, you may have all the obvious areas covered. For example, you might have material online and in hard copy form that describes your training, the types of techniques you provide, and how these techniques can help clients with various issues and conditions. This is a wonderful start and foundation, but weaving in even more details can help you stand out from other massage therapists and bodyworkers.

One such detail so many touch therapists fail to hone in on in their marketing material is massage cream. If you do not feel like the massage cream you use has anything to offer clients or to be mentioned in your marketing goods, then it may be time to look at adding other massage creams to your session room stock. With a fairly minimal investment in appealing massage creams, you can add a whole new level of value to your sessions.

For example, if you happen to purchase and use a massage cream that is all organic and natural, and that has been manufactured and processed using methods that are friendly to our planet, these are fantastic details to showcase for your clients. Many people will feel even more satisfied knowing they are receiving a session that involves such a quality, environmentally friendly massage cream.

Another category of massage cream you may want to consider adding to your practice—and highlighting in your marketing material—would be those massage creams that contain essential oils. By selecting a massage cream that has essential oils on its ingredient list, you bring the element of aromatherapy into your session work. Obviously, this adds value to the client’s appointment, as she not only receives your massage therapy or bodywork services, but also the benefits aromatherapy can bring.

Other massage creams to consider purchasing might be any that seem to bring their own stand-alone benefits to the table. Massage creams with essential oils, as described above, certainly fit the bill. Another fit would be a massage cream that contains its own pain-relieving ingredients such as Arnica montana or menthol. This adds value for those clients who come to you with acute aches and pains.

It can help to think a bit outside the box as you ponder the various ways massage cream can benefit your business and clients. For instance, if it is winter and the climate is dry, offering a service that involves a rich, moisturizing massage cream can be of great appeal to your clients.