Highlight Your Massage Cream Among Clients, MASSAGE MagazineMany professional massage therapists and bodyworkers do not say much to their clients about the massage cream they intend to use during a session. In turn, most clients seem content to relax on the table and receive the benefits of the hands-on healing, regardless of what kind of massage cream is being used to help administer the techniques.

However, for those practitioners who are looking to bring the most value and client satisfaction to every single session, here is an area with room for improvement. By shining a bit more of a spotlight on your choice of massage cream, you can help each client feel more informed and more important—conveying your sincere care and respect for the client.

This may seem somewhat over the top, if you consider your massage cream an insignificant part of what you do each day. The fact, however, is that massage cream and the way in which you use it can have a major impact on the quality of your work. Also, an unforgettably good massage or bodywork session depends on the details—and massage cream is a significant detail in nearly any professional touch therapy practice.

If you are slightly hesitant to highlight your massage cream, you might ask yourself why this is the case. Perhaps you do not feel your massage cream brings anything special to the table. If this rings true for you, then it may be time to look for a new massage cream. After all, there is no reason your massage cream should not be enhancing your daily sessions.

As far as how one might go about talking to his or her clients about the benefits of the massage cream to be used during the appointment, start by taking some time to yourself to pin down what those specific benefits might be and how to convey them to your clients.

For example, the main and perhaps only benefit of your massage cream might be the fact that it allows you to perform each technique in the best possible way, because this massage cream offers the perfect amount of friction and glide for the type of touch therapy you administer.

In this instance, simply let the client know, as you begin the session, the name and brand of the massage cream and that you are using it to help you apply a particular modality. By doing so, you can help each client feel more informed and included in the session.

When your massage cream brings even more benefits to the table, you can be adding an even greater sense of value and client satisfaction to each session. For example, you may find that clients are quite glad to hear that the massage cream you are about to use contains only organic and natural ingredients that were processed in an eco-friendly manner.

As another example, clients might feel they are getting more bang for their buck when they find out the massage cream contains essential oils that can induce calm and relaxation, or a natural pain reliever that can help make alleviate those acute aches and pains.