Miami Beach, FL (Aug. 5, 2011):  H.I.M-istry, a skincare line for men based in Miami Beach, FL, is now offering their products at 50% off through BUY YOUNG, an online marketplace created by OUR TIME, a national non-profit organization founded to stand up for Americans under 30. The marketplace was launched by OUR TIME and 150 of America’s top young CEOs with a summit in Washington DC at The White House, Capitol Hill and the US Chamber of Commerce on July 13.

The goal of OUR TIME’s Buy Young initiative ( is simple: to encourage Americans to support companies and organizations founded by entrepreneurs under 30 and offer exclusive discounts on products and services to OUR TIME’s fast-growing membership of more than 300,000.

H.I.M-istry joins hundreds of young companies to reinforce the fact that young Americans are major contributors to the success of the U.S. economy and key drivers of job creation. So far, the participating companies alone have created over 7,000 jobs altogether.

H.I.M-istry is dedicated to bringing men’s skincare into the mainstream market by offering a distinct selection of quality products. Darnell Henderson, 32 years-old, launched H.I.M-istry in 2004, and has since grown the company into a business that distributes nationally through Macy’s, creating 9 jobs in the process. Said Henderson, “I am honored to be part of the Buy Young campaign, and believe that young Americans have the creativity to innovate traditional business models.”

There are not enough jobs in the government or corporate America, so OUR TIME encourages its members to make their own by aggregating hundreds of companies founded by young Americans into an online marketplace. These companies are offering at least a 30% discount on their products and services for four weeks as an incentive for Americans to “Buy Young.” Through various online, social media, and televised marketing campaigns, OUR TIME drives these businesses traffic and volume in order to help them grow. OUR TIME members are encouraged to apply for jobs with their vendors, who are encouraged to make job openings available to OUR TIME’s network as their businesses expand.

The founders of each company also submit answers to questions that describe their personal stories to inspire and educate others about entrepreneurship (view H.I.M-istry’s questionnaire here). OUR TIME features several company profiles per week on the homepage of their website and creates a variety of short-form content regarding small business development (view H.I.M-istry’s profile page here) . In a macro sense, Buy Young is a consumer movement that engages our members to support the causes they believe in while saving money.

“I strongly believe that encouraging American businesses to innovate here, grow here, and stay here is crucial to job creation and to the future of our economic competitiveness. That’s why I’m a proud supporter of Democrats’ Make It In America agenda, and why I applaud OUR TIME’s work to promote young entrepreneurs through its Buy Young initiative.” – Minority Whip Steny Hoyer

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