Massage Hands, Holistic Marketing and Values Go Hand-in-HandMarketing and values go hand-in-hand. They don’t compromise each other or work in lieu of each other. Many entrepreneurs that are struggling with marketing may feel they are compromising their values—that they are pushing things on people they don’t want.

Let’s take a look at what I believe marketing is and should be:

  • Filled with integrity and honesty. Marketing should offer products and services that provide real value and the services are delivered as promised, or exceeding that promise. Good marketing has integrity and comes from an honest place, not a deceiving place. Many people see marketing as dishonest or “stretching the truth.” Good marketing does not come from this place.
  • Educate consumers rather than persuade them. Good marketing comes from a place of teaching and providing information, so people can make an informed decision. When someone comes across good marketing, they feel empowered and not pushed into doing something.
  • Clear and direct. Selling yourself shouldn’t be confusing or messy. It should be clean, direct and communicated with simplicity and clarity. An example, “These are the types of people we work with, they have problems in these areas, we provide this solution, here’s how it works and how much it costs.”
  • Not harmful. Your services you market should provide a real benefit to your clients, to the community, to the earth. Your marketing should justify itself and communicates the value you offer. You don’t have to explain yourself.

If you are struggling with marketing, feel uncomfortable doing it or feel it’s unethical, ask yourself what you need to do to change that. What you do helps people and they deserve to know about it. Your communications and marketing materials should reflect that. 

Kelly Robbins, MASSAGE Magazine Business TipFounder of A Marketing Connection and The Copywriting Institute, Kelly Robbins, M.A., is an award-winning copywriter and health-care marketing coach/consultant. She also publishes The Healthcare Marketing Connection, a free e-zine on health-care marketing tips. Contact Kelly to receive her free report, “5 Critical Mistakes Healthcare Marketers Make that Lose Sales and Plummet Profits” at or (303) 460-0285.

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