In the not so distant past, enrolling in a top-quality continuing education course often meant figuring out a way to reschedule clients and take time away from friends and family, as many of the best continuing education providers generally tend to hold their classes and seminars in large metropolitan areas, on cruise ships and in destination locations.

For the professional massage therapist or bodyworker living in a more remote or rural area, getting to these classes and seminars can pose a challenge.

Besides blocking out a chunk of time on one’s schedule, it also often means spending money to travel to the class or seminar. Even for those practitioners within driving range, the commute back and forth can get expensive.

Home-based continuing education classes provide a wonderful opportunity for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers around the world to learn from the leaders in the field of touch therapy and “attend” nearly any course imaginable.

CEs Continue To Grow

As the popularity and acceptance of home-based CE grows, the selection of courses from which to choose is only getting bigger and bigger.

This is great news for practitioners and clients everywhere, as increased access to quality home-based education means access to better skills and more varied techniques.

For example, a massage therapist living in a rural town in the middle of the United States might, in the past, have only had the option of driving a great distance to the closest major metropolitan area to take a course from a leading continuing education provider.

Choosing The Right Home-Based Option

When choosing between investing the time and money to travel to a class or picking from a small assortment of home-based options, that massage therapist may have felt a bit between a rock and a hard place. Now, the rise in number and quality of home-based courses can help make the choice easier.

Attending classes in person is still a great option, but it is very convenient to have a variety of home-based courses available, as well.

Of course, before enrolling in any class, whether it is home-based or a course that requires attendance in person, it is important to do a little research.

If you are enrolling in the class to earn continuing education credits, then you will first want to check with your region’s governing board to find out whether there are any specific requirements that a class must meet in order to count toward your official CE credits.

You will also want to review the class description, and if it is a home-based course, you will want to check out the class materials and they way the course will be conducted.

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