big-benefits-CEThere are so many key reasons a professional massage therapist or bodyworker may want to select a home study course when it comes to earning his or her continuing education credits. Even among those practitioners who are not required to earn a certain number of continuing education credits in order to renew and maintain the licenses to practice, the home study method has become a popular route for receiving continuing education.

One of the most obvious benefits or most appealing aspects of enrolling in a home study continuing education course is the fact that classes that can be taken from one’s home or office are quite convenient. There is no need to commute across town or take a plane to a seminar in a location that is far away. Instead, one simply turns on the computer or DVD player and “attends” the course.

Eliminating the need for commuting to a continuing education class saves both money and time. It allows the massage therapist or bodyworker to spend more time in the session room or with loved ones or engaging in other hobbies or doing so many other things with the extra time. It also saves the practitioner money that may have been spent on gas or plane tickets, hotel accommodations, meals and other travel related expenses.

Besides the convenience factor associated with home study continuing education, and the fact that such courses can help touch therapists save time and money, there are other big benefits to these classes as well. One such benefit is the fact that home study continuing education classes often allow massage therapists and bodyworkers who may live in smaller cities or even rural areas to have access to some of the top teachers in the field of continuing education.

For example, a massage therapist may be quite inspired by a particular teacher and his signature modality or methods of caring for clients. However, this massage therapists may live in a small town, and the teacher may be highly unlikely to hold a continuing education workshop in that area, simply because there would probably not be enough touch therapists in the region to make it worth his while. Instead, that teacher would be more likely to hold his workshops in much larger cities.

Without the advent of home study continuing education, the massage therapist would only have the option of learning from this great teacher if she were to purchase a plane ticket or otherwise commute to the city where the continuing education workshop would be held. There, she would need to also book a hotel room and have money for meals, as well as any other travel expenses.

Fortunately, many of the top teachers in the field of massage and bodywork understand this situation and the challenges it may bring. Therefore, a large number of these teachers have developed high quality home study continuing education courses, which allow massage therapists and bodyworkers to receive the knowledge they need without ever leaving home.