Home-Study Course Selection: What is Right for You Part 1, MASSAGE MagazineThere’s no shortage of massage home-study courses online. A quick Internet search of massage home-study courses will return a host of results for you to choose from in your educational endeavors.

But how do you know which one is the best? Not all home-study courses are created equal, and technology in recent years has advanced the offerings of home-study courses.

One of the biggest advantages of massage home-study courses is that they are offered from a variety of top experts in their respective fields, giving students the advantage in deciding what is best for them. When it comes to making the right choice, do your research and don’t fall for just fancy packaging. You want to get the most of your experience.

By doing research into an instructor’s background and the nature of the programs offered, you can make an informed decision in your continuing education needs. 

Instructor experience

Checking the credentials of any instructor who calls himself an expert is essential. Many of the most qualified instructors will have 10 or more years of experience in their field both practicing and teaching massage therapy. And it’s nearly always better if that instructor has studied with other bodywork experts to launch their own careers.

When an instructor continues to practice and teach, it helps keep them more in tune with the latest techniques and methodologies facing today’s massage therapists.

Workshops and seminars

Before an instructor embarks on developing his own educational curriculum, he typically begins by leading seminars and workshops around the country. Many times, these instructors’ home-study courses evolve from their seminars, which allows those who aren’t able to attend their workshops in person the same access to the educational materials.

While offering live seminars doesn’t necessarily translate to quality home-study education, it is a good indicator on who the most qualified instructors might be.

Published articles and trade journals

The top educators in the massage field will often attract the most attention by media outlets. These instructors are the innovators in their fields.

Through Internet searches, you should be able to easily find the publications they are mentioned in and what they have contributed to their field of expertise. Many of the top experts also will be contributing columnists and have their own websites and blogs that discuss the latest innovations and current issues facing today’s massage therapists.

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