Giving HOPE is a not just a store but a wellness center as well. There are rooms for rent and a room to teach.

(Vocus) May 29, 2009 — Giving HOPE provides a store, a wellness center, a classroom and a healing practitioner. Each part is as equally important to helping one succeed in healing. The more choices you have the more you will understand there is more ways than one to heal.

Brenda Bates Medicine Woman chose the business name Health Opportunity Prosperity and Enlightenment for her business. God had other plans. Because she was distracted she only wrote HOPE on the paper. The acronym was supposed to be the name. Giving HOPE started out being just HOPE but it has grown to be so much more than that. God wanted more for HOPE then just being hope. What is HOPE? Hope is not just a word. It means that you are to live in expectancy from a desire. Giving HOPE means to take action and help fill an expectation of a desire.

When Brenda Bates Medicine Woman, decided to make her business a professional limited liability corporation, she had to change the name. She learned of this by a phone call. She literally had 30 seconds to come up with a new name. She did a quick prayer and trusted her instincts that the new name would be Giving HOPE.

She didn’t know why that name was chosen. As the business was being pampered and built she began to learn more of what her and the businesses purpose was. She was providing hope by giving. Giving more choices for one to heal physically, grow mentally, help provide emotional stability and spiritual enlightenment. There are three parts to Giving HOPE.

The first part is Brenda Bates Medicine Woman. She brings all of her eclectic abilities, tools and techniques. She believes it is important to build self-esteem and inspire one to find that spark inside oneself to heal. She provides hands on healing, HOPE Therapy, and to more of the fun stuff from card readings to dream interpretations. She has the tools to make a customized homeopathic. She has over 2000 homeopathics to choose from.

The second part is the Store. The store is small but provides a lot of different choices. There are items from natural products, combination herbs, cell salts, and homeopathics, Dead Sea products for the skin, to carrying the fun stuff. There is jewelry, angels, dragons, fairies, positive inspiration books, candles, and incense to musical instruments. There are four different lines of essences that can address your emotional needs. The only item that is edible is farm fresh eggs that come from her farm.

The third part is the wellness center. You can choose from many different biofeedback machines. From seeing your aura, chakras, meridians and acupuncture points to ear candling and micro-current machine to be used on the body. Classes are given on “What is Healing?” to “How to Change Your Life.” Throughout the year and into the near future many different events will take place to help educate, heal and transform people. There are two rooms for rent. Each room has a massage table, stereo, lamp, dresser, closet, and two entrances. The classroom can hold 10-20 people. There is a 4’X8’ dry erase board and a 90” screen for presentations.