Massage is one of several complementary health care therapies to be offered at a new hospital-based integrative medicine program at in Norwalk, Connecticut.

“The Integrative Medicine Program at Norwalk Hospital offers holistic therapies and expert consultations by licensed and certified staff to support the state-of-the-art medical care provided by the hospital,” reported, a website of Norwalk Plus magazine. “According to Dr. Kirsten Marcus, medical director of the program, these scientifically based integrative medicine therapies do not replace, but instead complement traditional medical care in order to help promote the healing process.”

The complementary offerings will include: massage therapy; reiki; acupuncture; nutritional, herbal and supplemental counseling; yoga; and tai chi.

The therapists will be available to in-patients, who may request such care at their bedsides, the article noted; and to outpatients as well.

The program’s grand opening takes place on Feb. 7.

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