Starting last Monday four massage therapists—Tasha Stover, Troy Tardiville, Monette Pierce and Linnette Janee—all took part in giving firefighters from around the Anderson, California, area free 10-minute massages, reports.
The charitable event was Stover’s idea. She thought that since most of the 1,647 firefighters sleep on the ground and in tents they have understandably sore muscles, she could help by doing this.
Two of the first patients, Nathan Krogsgaard and Chad Parker, drive the trucks and can, like many other firefighters, end up working 12 hour shifts. Add on the 100-degree plus heat, and a massage is a welcomed stress reliever.
Stover is determined to do even more good. She is in Shasta College to become a midwife.
(Sylvia Lang,, 07/10/08)