To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Weddings and Massage: A Perfect Match,” , in the March 2011 issue. Article summary: Massage can be a valuable part of pre-wedding activities. Massage therapists looking to increase business and venture into a new niche area might find future brides eager to say, “I do!” when it comes to massage and other pampering services.

by Pat Mayrhofer

The date is set. The bridal party is lined up. The ceremony and reception are coordinated. The music is selected. The gown is fitted. Now it is time for the final details. Salons and spas can offer the bridal party luxurious treatments for their hair and body. It is so important to have an attractive pedicure to beautify the bride’s feet for her wedding day and honeymoon, and to have a perfect manicure to show off her beautiful new wedding ring.

Hot-stone pedicures and manicures exemplify the most relaxing and luxurious treatments for the feet and hands. At a time when stress is at its highest is when hot stones make this treatment most enjoyable.

With all the anxiety a bride, mother of the bride and all parties involved go through, including the groom, hot stones make pedicures and manicures the ultimate soothing and calming treatment for their feet, legs, hands and arms. Imagine the bride sitting at a large, comfortable pedicure station with her feet resting on hot stones in the pedicure basin.

The bride’s neck is draped with hot stones. Her hands are nestled in mitts, with hot stones resting in her palms and between her fingers; hot stone on her abdomen to warm her inner core. After the preliminary pedicure is complete, the bride’s legs are massaged with hot stones, preparing her legs for a long night of dancing and kicking up her heels.

A hot-stone pedicure and manicure offers a complete foot-and-hand treatment that allows nail technicians the opportunity to offer upscale spa treatments, bringing increased revenue and satisfied customers. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles of the legs and arms, achieving ultimate relaxation.

This is the perfect time to offer packages for the bride, mother of the bride and mother of the groom, the bride’s attendants and, of course, the groom as well. Men love to be pampered too, and this is the perfect time to spoil the groom and prepare him for his special day and honeymoon.

Pat Mayrhofer, is president and founder of Nature’s Stones Inc., an international massage-stone company ( She has 14 years experience, teaching for 11 of those years in such places as Italy, Austria, Dominican Republic and the U.S.