Hot Stones on the Move, MASSAGE Magazine

To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Beyond Basic Basalt: New Tools Build on Stones’ Success,” , in the November 2013 issue. Article summary: The use of heated and cooled stones is not new to the massage profession; what is new is the development of various tools that have evolved the therapeutic feel and benefits of stone massage.

 Hot-stone massage has become one of the most popular treatments in the massage industry, proving a success for both client and therapist. It provides a deep, holistic massage experience that can soothe muscular pain and calm the mind. However, there are times when this modality can prove to be a bit of a headache for therapists.

Using a traditional massage-stone heater to heat stones can be messy and bothersome. This also has the disadvantage of limiting treatments to one room, and for mobile therapists, it can often mean the treatment isn’t feasible. Enter a solution: The portable VULSINI Hot Stone Heating Bag (

The VULSINI Hot Stone Heating Bag was developed by a company with more than 10 years of experience in the hot-stones education-and-equipment industry. This bag is an innovative mobile stone heater in the form of a stylish and portable bag. This groundbreaking product helps therapists effectively provide a hot-stone treatment without the inconvenience of having to heat up the stones. It also ameliorates the health-and-safety issues associated with working with extremely hot stones. (The VULSINI Cold Bag is a portable and stylish solution for therapists performing cryotherapy with stones.)

One of the best features of the VULSINI Hot Stone Heating Bag is its ease of use. You simply need to place clean, dry basalt stones in the bag and close it. Plug the power lead into a standard grounded socket; this can include a car’s power socket. Press the on/off switch and set the temperature on the digital thermometer. The stones heat up in 45 minutes, until they reach a comfortable working temperature. When the stones are removed from the bag, they hold their heat for up to 20 minutes—the same amount of time as water-heated stones.

Using the VULSINI Hot Stone Heating Bag for heating stones is a safe, reliable and easy technique. If you are planning to introduce hot-stone massage to your treatment menu, note the bag has these features:

  • The hot-stones massage heater is made of material that retains heat and maintains a constant temperature.
  • The 18-quart heater is ideal for heating large stones.
  • The 6-quart heater is better for small sets.
  • Teflon coating maintains its finish.
  • The massage heater is easy to clean.
  • Ideal operating temperature is 120 to 150 degrees, to heat the stones to the required temperature.

Jason Wong is the holistic expert and business director at VULSINI Ltd. A passion for holistic therapy, inherited from his parents, has helped him on his way to success and given him firsthand experience in the complementary therapy industry.