HotShotz: Read All About It, MASSAGE Magazine

To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Beyond Basic Basalt: New Tools Build on Stones’ Success,” , in the November 2013 issue. Article summary: The use of heated and cooled stones is not new to the massage profession; what is new is the development of various tools that have evolved the therapeutic feel and benefits of stone massage.

 With the push of a button, HotShotz ( hot packs instantly heat to 130 degrees, according to Jesse Schexnayder, CEO of HotShotz in Orangevale, California.

“Massage the heat pack a little bit, and it will become soft and flexible, producing soothing, deep-penetrating heat,” he says.

The pack remains hot from 90 minutes to six hours, depending on the size of pack. The internal solution is made from a nontoxic, food-grade solution of sodium acetate and water, and the exterior is nonallergenic, medical-grade vinyl. Once a pack is used one time, it must be boiled in water in order to be used again.

HotShotz hot packs are available in various sizes to address issues in different parts of the body.

“The 3-inch by 5-inch hand warmers are perfect to warm your hands before a massage, then you can use them as hot stones or hold them in your palms and massage with them,” Schexnayder says. Larger packs may be used for the back, neck, arms and legs.

The HotShotz face mask is designed to ease facial tension and stress, and can also be folded and then used on the back, sides, wrist and neck, according to Schexnayder.

HotShotz also offers cold packs.

—Phyllis Hanlon