We’re hearing so much now about our country’s economic problems—and feeling the pinch at the gas pump and the checkout counter.

I drive a Honda Civic that gets almost 40 miles per gallon, so gas problems haven’t impacted me too much, thank goodness—but I’ve certainly noticed higher prices at the grocery store! Two dollars for an organic peach!?

Everything costs more—not just basics like food and gas, but anything you purchase for your practice as well. And clients might not be willing to drive, even across town, for a massage. Others are tightening the clasp on their wallets, and might think twice about booking sessions.

All the talk about a recession spurred the inclusion of the Guest Editorial topic, “You Can Thrive During an Economic Downturn,” running in our August issue, which will be out in mid July, But I don’t want the readers of this blog to have to wait for the valuable information that author Diana Moore provides in that editorial.

You can click the link below to read the editorial ahead of our print publication. But there’s a catch (sort of): I’d really appreciate your feedback, especially any additional advice you can provide about maintaining a thriving massage practice during tough economic times. Click on the “Leave a Reply” link at the end of this blog entry so we can get a helpful dialogue going.

First, click here to read the editorial: www.massagemag.com/thrive

I’d also like to suggest some additional resources that I’ve found inspiring in living a simpler, less consumer-oriented life. Living simply means lessening our impact on the planet while saving money and tempering the “more, more, more” lifestyle that corporations want us the engage in:

The Simple Living Network: www.simpleliving.net
The Good Human: www.thegoodhuman.com

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