How Good Body Mechanics Impact Your Massage Client's Experience, MASSAGE MagazineUsing good body mechanics is not only better for your health, it also makes the massage work you do feel better to your clients.

Working with larger muscle groups and body weight will make your movements smoother and more flowing. Hands that are tense, stiff and unyielding because you are generating force using only the upper extremity will feel bad to your massage client while causing stress and discomfort for you. You want to relax your clients, not transmit your tension to them.

Let your hands relax, so they can mold to the individual contours of your client’s body. Lean in with your body weight to apply pressure rather than push with your arms, since that type of movement can feel stiff and aggressive to your clients. Keep your hips and knees soft, so you can more easily use the strong muscles of your legs to create movement.

When your clients perceive your touch as fluid, relaxed and assured, they will be more confident in your skill as a massage-and-bodywork professional, and more open and responsive to the treatments you provide to them.

Save Your Hands, MASSAGE MagazineReproduced with permission from Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists, Second Edition, , C.E.A.S., and Richard W. Goggins, C.P.E., L.M.P., © 2008 Gilded Age Press. For more information, visit Read their blog here.