August 6, 2009 — Body Energy is a unique treatment which has helped model and make-up artist Mandy Smith to get her health back on track. For over 20 years, Mandy suffered ill health–and, at one point, her weight plummet to a mere 5.5 stone.

The cause of Mandy’s long term illness is still not fully known, however Mandy says that her health improved dramatically after a course of Body Energy treatments.

Mandy says “After just one session I could feel my body changing. With further sessions I knew my immune system was growing stronger as my food and chemical intolerances had reduced. I became stronger and felt my health turning a corner for the first time in years.”

Fiona Slatter, founder, Managing Director of Body Energy aims to educate people about the power of their own energy and how important it is to look after their health by building core strength.

Fiona says “It has taken the Body Energy team 16 years to develop a treatment that has the power to achieve fast and effective results with people that live stressful lifestyles and have a poor diet, which in many cases is the reason why illness occurs in the first place.

“Unlike acupuncture and other energy treatments such as reflexology developed in the Far East for eastern lifestyles, the Body Energy Concept is ‘home grown’ and has been developed specifically to treat common conditions of the nation , including ME, fatigue, anxiety, fertility problems, injuries, skin, insomnia, migraine, aches and pains as well as emotional stress.

“In recent research pioneering tests measured the neurological activity through blood and urine samples taken from patients before a treatment and after a treatment. The scientist concluded that Body Energy treatment led to an improvement to the endocrine, central nervous, and immune system. All essential in treating the conditions mentioned.”

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