How Posters Contribute to the Massage Environment and Experience, MASSAGE MagazineVital components of the massage therapy experience are the environment we, as massage therapists, create and the experience the client had during his or her massage session.

The importance of including massage-related posters in your massage space is twofold:

1. By adding attractive posters, you create inviting, relaxing surroundings; a tranquil sanctuary. When a client enters your beautiful space and feels welcomed and comfortable, you have enhanced the entire massage experience.

2. Clients make a powerful connection between massage and health and well-being when they see poster images and messages about massage. By reinforcing the message that regular massage is an important proactive part of their health care, you have empowered clients by the experience.

Shoona Cook, R.M.T., is a massage practioner and artist who founded Fingerprintz to bring beautiful, professional marketing and practice building tools to massage, bodywork and spa. Cook and her teaching partner have developed and facilitated massage marketing and teaching workshops for the OMTA and AMTA. She is also a Bach Flower Remedy Practioner, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, cranialsacral practioner and award-winning potter. For more information, visit