Whether or not you can make a certain massage cream work for you and your practice usually comes down to a short list of factors. The reason professional massage therapists and bodyworkers typically want to find at least one go-to massage cream is because this can make life easier in a number of ways. Here, we will explore the factors that make for a reliable massage cream, as well as the ways in which finding such a massage cream can benefit professional practitioners.

Most often, the primary factor that is going to play into whether or not a particular massage cream will become a staple in your practice is how that massage cream affects each client session. In other words, what you want to be looking for is a massage cream that affects each massage session in a positive way, rather than a negative way.

One important positive effect a good massage cream should have is the ability to enhance or facilitate the application of the hands-on strokes and techniques you apply in sessions throughout the day. In this respect, the ideal massage cream will be one that not only makes it possible, but often makes it easier to administer your brand of touch therapy.

This means a massage cream should give you just the right amount of glide for certain strokes and just the right amount of friction for others. When you find a massage cream with the right ratio of slick and stick for the techniques you tend to administer, chances are it is going to make sessions go smoother, which may even produce better results for your clients.

The other factor that can play a big part in whether or not a massage cream earns a consistent place in the cabinets of your session room is what that massage cream contains. After all, most massage therapists and bodyworkers have a few preferences when it comes to the components of an everyday massage cream.

For example, certain practitioners may know they need a go-to massage cream that does not contain any fragrance or synthetic or potentially irritating ingredients of any kind. Others may know they will only use a massage cream that is all natural and organic. Still, others may take these preferences a step further and look for a massage cream that was created, from start to finish, using eco-friendly methods.

Once you have found a massage cream that suits your needs on both of these levels—as a session-enhancer and a product with ingredients you can stand behind—you may have found your go-to massage cream. The benefits of finding a favorite massage cream can include the ability to order the product in bulk, thereby saving money and the need for more packaging as well, which benefits the environment.

It can also be a benefit to know you have a massage cream you can count on to allow you to deliver the best possible session for each client, with no surprises or unwanted results.