From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Hand and Feet Treatments,” , in the April 2009 issue. Article summary: Our hands and feet take a beating every day—and massage therapists have the power to soothe these aching extremities while earning extra fees for add-on services.

by Ann Thariani

Want to offer mini foot or hand treatments, but have no water in your treatment room? No problem!

Clients love having softer, healthier skin, and dry treatments work because there’s no need to rinse our products off. You can charge an add-on fee of $20 for feet and $15 for hands.

These are the supplies you’ll need to do a dry foot treatment (the same simple protocol works for hands): five to six warmed hand towels; two warm, damp wash cloths; nail brush; exfoliating foot scrub; nourishing foot cream; and 95 percent shea butter balm.

Step 1: Clean feet with damp, warm washcloths. Dry with a hand towel, and place under feet. Wrap left foot with another warmed towel.

Step 2: Massage 1/2 teaspoon of exfoliating foot scrub into right foot and wrap with a warmed towel. Uncover left foot and repeat.

Step 3: Remove right foot from towel. Use towel to remove excess scrub particles. Use a nail brush to remove leftover scrub particles on or under nails.

Step 4: Massage in 1/2 teapoon of nourishing foot cream. Then, take a pea-sized amount of 95 percent shea butter balm and massage it into nails, cuticles and heels. Re-wrap with warmed towel. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for left foot, and leave both wrapped for at least five minutes.

Feet and hands are clean, deeply moisturized and feel wonderful!

Ann and Kumy Thariani started Gilden Tree ( in 1990, offering natural, organic foot and hand body care to resort spas, day spas, massage therapists and practitioners.