2009-07-28 (WiredPRNews.com) Tampa Bay, Florida — Feeling tired and sluggish? Have a hand massage! The hand is one of the most useful structures in the human body and sets us apart from most other animals.

With 19 bones in the hand and 14 small joints for movement and numerous muscles, ligaments, and sheaths, a relaxing hand massage is a great pick-me-up when you can’t find the time for some serious pampering.

Here are some hand massage pointers from Sacred Glo Lotion Candles, which are handmade and provide ultra moisturizing essential oils for your hands.

  • Start with the person’s dominant hand, since that hand probably worked harder during the day.
  • Take the hand gently into yours and pour a few drops of the Sacred Glo Lotion Candle onto the top of the hand.
  • Rub the top of the hand gently with a circular motion using all four fingers, working from the large part of the hand up through the base of the fingers and then to the tips of the fingers.
  • Then with your thumb, apply a bit more pressure to the top of the hand, and massage the top of the hand with an up and down motion, working from the wrist area up through the base of the fingers and then out to the fingertips. Apply more lotion if the hand feels dry to the touch.
  • Turn the hand over and pour a few more drops of the lotion candle into the palm.
  • Begin working the palm by placing your thumb into the palm of the hand with your four fingers on the other side of the hand.
  • Gently press around the palm, and the thumb, and use your thumb in a circular motion – first in the palm, then around the base of each finger extending out to the tips.
  • From there, return to the palm, and continue the circular motion down the palm to the wrist. Do this on the entire palm.
  • Shake the hand slightly to check its state of relaxation. The hand should feel loose at the wrist and relaxed.
  • Start all over again on the other hand!

About Sacred Glo
Sacred Glo Lotion Candles are made from the finest natural ingredients and oils and provide a multi-sensory calming experience. The candles have three uses:

  • The aroma from the lit candle scents the air, while the candle’s heat creates a small pool of soy and a blend of essential and fragrance oils.
  • The warm, smooth, and luxuriant oil is then poured onto the skin, where it becomes a therapeutic and massage lotion, refreshing the body while infusing the skin with light, silky, grease-free essential oil blends that caress, moisturize, and revitalize while soothing tension and stress.
  • Once users have savored the full candle, the candle holder is 100% reusable as a drinking glass or a decorative and elegant bathroom accessory.

Sacred Glo candles are available for purchase at www.sacredglo.com and can be shipped worldwide. The candles come packaged in two sizes: The 8-ounce candle which can last for up to one month with regular use, is competitively priced at $24.99 plus tax and shipping; and a 4-oz.square travel tin retails for the suggested price of $12.95. For additional product and ordering information, please visit www.sacredglo.com, and follow Sacred Glo™ on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/sacredglo