CBD can be an effective way to get more vacationers through your door, and to introduce them to the relaxing benefits of CBD massage.

One way to get more vacationers into your massage practice is to promote your cannabidiol (CBD) related services.

“Those who are coming to paradise on vacation may be looking for that service that’s both relaxing and a little different,” says Lizz Pugh, LMT, of Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage and Mad Science Massage & Spa, both in Sarasota, Florida.

Tourism numbers are up for the state in 2018, with 2,290 more people visiting Florida the first quarter of this year versus the first quarter of last year, representing a 7.4 percent rise.

A massage school educator and CE provider, Pugh shares that there are also a few things you can do that can help draw in people who are on vacation.

Address Concerns Immediately

“Becoming aware of the customer’s concerns and addressing those off the bat will help them feel comfortable in booking their first CBD oil massage,” says Pugh.

To address the concerns of those who find you online, consider creating a CBD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website. This gives you the ability to share more about CBD and its effects, like how it doesn’t provide the same response as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

“Some customers may actually want the psychoactive effects from the massage,” says Pugh. However, since CBD massage doesn’t create this type of effect, “you want to manage those people’s expectations as well as reassure those who don’t want to get high that they will not in fact get high,” she says.

It can also be helpful to share links to reputable sources that confirm the information you provide. This includes sites such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Share Product Benefits

“Consumers are becoming smarter about what’s being used on their bodies,” says Pugh. “Since what’s being used is the whole point of the massage, feature the benefits. Is it paraben-free? Petroleum free? Cruelty free? As more therapists add CBD options to their menus, you’ll need to stand out in as many ways possible.”

It can also help to share the benefits of CBD in general. For instance, research published in the journal Future Medicinal Chemistry reports that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.

Healthline adds that CBD oil can help relieve pain. Share this information so prospective clients can see the value that CBD can potentially provide.

Create a Memorable Experience

“When you’re creating this deeply relaxing massage, create a whole service that envelopes that feeling,” suggests Pugh. “Perhaps your standard massage is 50 minutes; make this one 80. Or include time for a nap afterwards so they can linger in the room while you catch up on paperwork, and get paid for it.”

By creating a more memorable (and premium) experience, you’re also able to charge more, says Pugh. However, you still want to “price it competitively for your market and take into account your increased service cost,” she says.

Share Tourist Avatars and Testimonials

You can also potentially draw vacationers to your practice by creating an avatar of the average tourist and using testimonials from clients who have a lot in common with this avatar and have used CBD, says Pugh. This offers social proof that can help them feel more comfortable with making the decision to get a CBD massage.

“If you treat athletes that travel to our state for events, find an athlete,” she says. “If your target market is the older retiree who has money to spend, find one of your current retirees and ask them.”

By using an avatar they can connect with and testimonials by individuals who fit this persona, you don’t have to sell your services as hard, as this will do it for you.

Be Careful with CBD Massage Promotions

Finally, Pugh also warns that you need to be somewhat careful with your CBD promotions. For instance, some search engines prohibit paid advertising for CBD oil as it violates their terms of service.

Additionally, if you decide to do an AdWords campaign and the page you link to contains the phrase “CBD,” it will flag the campaign and not allow it to run.

“We are very careful in our office not to make claims regarding the CBD oil,” adds Pugh. “We don’t know how much makes it past the barrier of the skin and into the bloodstream, nor how that will affect the body at those amounts, or at what dosages are needed to ‘treat’ anything.” Instead, Pugh says that she simply promises a “deeply relaxing experience.”

She also recommends that you create a consent form that states that you are not liable or responsible for the results of any drug tests. “My big fear was that someone would smoke pot, fail a test, and blame it on the CBD oil massage at our office,” says Pugh. However, by having them sign the form, this no longer becomes a worry. Pugh says that, although it’s unlikely someone will test positive for a drug test from topical exposure to a massage oil that has less than 3 percent THC, “I wouldn’t, as a business owner, take on that risk.”

CBD can be an effective way to get more vacationers through your door, and to introduce them to the relaxing benefits of CBD massage.

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