To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Massage Practice Success: Traffic, Leads and Customers,” by Stephanie Beck, in the June 2013 issue. Article summary: The TLC Funnel Formula will help you get and retain customers. The author shares this formula, a set of steps to follow, that can be automated so you can focus on your heart’s desire: massaging people.

How to Remain Relevant to Your Social Clientele, MASSAGE MagazineYour clients are on their phones all the time, posting, tweeting and texting. Do you understand what this increasingly pervasive behavior means for your business? If you haven’t been thinking about how to stay relevant in today’s mobile and social world, now is the time.

Whether they’re on the go or at their desks, consumers are accessing their social networks more than any other online site, according to Nielsen—and they do so not only to keep in touch. Consumers are incorporating social sites into various stages of their buying process: to search, book and pay for services and products, and to listen to and share experiences.

Follow these tips to make sure your business is in the right place at the right time to attract new clients online.

1. The researchers. These people search for your services online—using YouTube. According to traffic reports, YouTube is the second-most-popular search engine. Does your location appear on the first page of search results? If not, try these techniques to improve your ranking:

  • Make videos. Create video introductions to your business, your location, services and staff. Show what a visit will be like.
  • Link to your social sites. Drive researchers toward your social sites to give them a peek into how you interact with clients away from the spa.

2. The buyers. These people visit your social sites as if you were a potential new client. Can online visitors commit to a session the second they decide you’re a right fit? If not, implement a few of the following tactics to seal the deal:

  • Provide introductory offers. Entice new clients with introductory—less expensive, condensed—offers featured on your social pages.
  • Offer online booking. Promote the convenience of online booking and an online payment system through your Facebook page.

3. The talkers. These people search online for reviews of your location. Are people talking about your services? Do you like what they’re saying? If not, here’s how you can make sure you’re getting the reviews you deserve:

  • Update review sites. Populate your location’s review page with images, videos and information about your services, then encourage your current clients to post reviews.
  • Post to your social sites. Keep your current clients engaged by posting interesting information on your Facebook, Twitter and blog sites. These are the types of posts that work the best:
  1. Inspirational: quotes and images
  2. Fun: quizzes and questions of the day
  3. Motivational: Congratulate students on milestones
  4. Informative: how-to blog articles that help your clients relieve the issues they struggle with most, such as neck tension, stiff joints and leg cramps.

By incorporating just a few of these suggestions, your services will be online in just the right places to attract new clients.

After all, even in today’s online world, it’s still all about location, location, location.

Stephanie Jennings is a licensed massage therapist and director of sales at MINDBODY (, an online business-management software company.