How to Survive as an LMT During Challenging Times: Incorporating Feng Shui and the Power of the Mind, by Michele F. Bielski, MASSAGE MagazineI recently read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Dr. Joseph Murphy. It was written back before most of us were born. We’ve heard of The Secret, and we all know the rules-–what we truly believe deep within ourselves, we bring to reality.

For years, the economy was great and business boomed. Now, everything we hear in the news is negative-–people losing their jobs, companies shutting down, people spending less-–often out of fear.

The world is going through a shift from materialism to spiritualism. The pendulum must swing both ways equally from pleasure to pain for people to grow. For years, the economy was great and people spent a lot of money. But now, these people are feeling a financial hit and are struggling emotionally. The people who were always moderate in their lifestyle will somehow survive with less suffering. As licensed massage therapists, more than likely, we are of this breed. We have a personal obligation now to ease the pain of others-–not just their physical pain, but their emotional pain.

If times are tough and people are not booking appointments as often, how is it we can help them? We start to panic and think in terms of “lack.” Here’s the key-–don’t fall for the negativity! It only takes a small amount of people to make a decent living doing massage, plus we have to believe the Universe will provide if we are doing it for the right reason. Here are some suggestions:

  • As you go to sleep, see your business growing in your mind-–hear the phone ring, see yourself booking clients, see your client reschedule after their session, etc.
  • Say the word “success” over and over, especially at bedtime. This will impress upon your subconscious, which is what drives you.
  • Using Feng Shui, place symbolism of success in places that will influence you: by your bedside, on your refrigerator, in the North (which relates to career). If you were busy in the past, keep your old schedule book near your new one, so that the energy can be transferred. In the Southeast corner, which relates to wealth, place a bamboo in water or lucky jade tree. In the South (the area of fame and reputation), place candles and anything that represents your special abilities.
  • Be careful about listening to negativity-–especially the news before you go to sleep and as soon as you awake. You must believe you have a gift to help others and that there are still plenty of people who are making money-–or even profiting now-–who need your help.
  • Consider lowering your price. Better to have 20 loyal, lower-paying clients than five rich ones. It’s also better not to put all your eggs in one basket; helping more people provides you with better karma. Be open, and have gratitude for every person that walks through your door.
  • Prayer does help-–ask so you may receive and really believe you will be provided for during these times. You don’t have to spend a fortune on advertising. You can make your own flyers, coupons and add your name to online sites for free. Word-of-mouth is always best. Get people in with a $20 discount coupon, and then offer a three-pack series to discount your services further.
  • Trust that once you get your name out there, people will find you and those that stay are there to clear karma with you. This is not a competition. If nobody is calling, check in with yourself-–be honest and see if you are blocking success. I have spent countless years letting go of my own fears and resistance. This work is challenging, more than massage school ever told us, and we must constantly be open to self-discovery and self-work as we help others.
  • Finally, don’t panic! If business is slow, it might be for a reason. Plan accordingly-–take a vacation, take a class. It’s not a coincidence we allow ourselves to get sick during slow times. Keep believing you will make it through, and you will.

So don’t fall for the negativity. Just believe you are helping others for a reason and you will be taken care of during these times!

Michele F. Bielski, How to Survive as an LMT During Challenging Times: Incorporating Feng Shui and the Power of the Mind, MASSAGE MagazineMichèle F. Bielski has been a licensed massage therapist since 1999. She specializes in medical massage, deep-tissue work and the treatment of chronic pain and sports-related injuries. In 2007, she became a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. Bielski combines these tools to create a Peaceful NYC, where she helps people identify and heal the blocks that cause pain, increase the energy flow in their body and space and help to create a natural home setting for peace and serenity (