by Tara Grodjesk

How to Turn Your Massage Treatment into a Spa Experience, MASSAGE MagazineThe magic is in the details. Listed below are my favorite simple, but impressive, touches you can add to your massage treatments to create more of a spa experience for clients. Enhancing the treatment experience is one way to stay competitive in the marketplace, while also helping to retain clientele by adding another dimension to your therapies. And, it can often justify charging a little bit more—which helps your bottom line.

Here are some tried-and-true tips to make your treatments more spa-like. At world-class spas, these details are what help increase the value of the service. Guests have come to expect these given the high price of spa services. In your practice, they will be welcome surprises by creating a much cherished sensory healing experience along with your massage therapy.

Hot moist towels
All top spas now have hot towel cabbies in each treatment room. You can warm moistened hand towels in them, as well as use them to quickly heat up oil, a body mask or scrub. You can also use them to heat hot packs.

If you don’t have a cabbie, moisten your hand towels with the hottest water you have access to and wring them out. Then, store in a thermal unit (such as an insulated thermal lunch bag). Use one towel on the face like a barber wrap. The moist, heated towel on the face cleans off surface debris, stimulates circulation and hydrates tissues. Application of an organic facial oil to the face following the hot, moist towel is the most effective delivery to nourish skin.

Two more towels can be used to wrap around the feet to clean oil off at the end of a massage, so your clients won’t slip on the floor or track oil on the carpet. It is a great way to keep your floors clean, your clients safe and it’s intended to feel deeply relaxing.

Misting the face
A simple step, such as misting the face with an organic hydrosol, is delightfully refreshing and can be used as a gentle wake-up call to signal the end of the treatment session. Use an organic floral water/hydrosol to lightly mist the face, and let the micro-beadlets settle onto the face like the morning dew settles on rose petals. Hydrosols are the steam-distillation byproduct of extracting essential oil from botanicals. The water-soluble microparticles of the healing plant are contained in the floral water. It can be used for cleansing skin, toning, hydrating and mood elevating.

Herbal therapy
Herbal pillows and packs that can be heated or cooled provide wonderful thermotherapy benefits. Neck pillows and rectangular packs, such as hydrocollator packs, are great enhancements to your massage treatments. Utilize them around the neck, back and abdomen or other areas of the body that will benefit from either hot or cold therapy.
For even greater results, massage a therapeutic sport oil with the essential oils of eucalyptus, birch and arnica into the affected area and follow with an herbal pack.

Mini face treatment
The following four simple steps for a mini facial can accomplish so much:

1. Begin by misting the face and cleaning it with round cotton pads.
2. Then, apply an herbal cleanser to the face and remove with a hot, moist towel.
3. Massage a pure, organic facial essential oil blend onto the face. Let it absorb while you massage the neck, shoulders and scalp.
4. Finish with a misting to hydrate, refresh and balance skin, as well as uplift the senses.

Add a foot treatment to induce relaxation and rejuvenation
We know how profound foot massage can be when massaging reflex points to vital organs. Combining an invigorating exfoliation with moist heat therapy and reflexology foot massage is a powerful combination that takes your treatment to the next level.

In these uncertain times, people are pinching pennies more than ever and looking for the best value. One fail-proof way to add value to your treatments and to let clients know you are giving them the highest level of service is to offer a foot treatment with your massage.

Applying any or all of these add-ons will add value to your treatments and create a more spa-like experience for your clients. These upscale touches enhance massage’s overall therapeutic healing benefits, and they are easy to deliver, leave a positive impression with clients and they also reinvigorate you while delivering the treatments!

Tara Grodjesk, MASSAGE MagazineTara Donna Grodjesk, president and owner of Tara spa Therapy Inc., has devoted her 27 years of experience in wellness to refining bodywork techniques, creating innovative body treatments and offering a careful selection of high-quality natural products for the health and spa market. Since 1989, Grodjesk has been designing programs for wolrd-class hotels, resorts and day spas as well as providing high-quality, detailed training for their therapists.