The Indie Beauty Network and Smedley Insurance Group, Inc. are pleased to announce a joint program to help small businesses nationwide to procure affordable health insurance.

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 11, 2009 – Avondale, AZ – Smedley Insurance Group, Inc. (SIG) a national insurance agency, has recently joined forces with The Indie Beauty Network (IBN), a trade organization representing small businesses, to offer SIG’s services to IBN’s Premium Professional Members.

“One of the chief requests I received from the small businesses I work with is for help finding affordable health insurance. Having a national broker like SIG that can sift through and find the least expensive insurance options with the best possible coverage is a huge asset to my members,” said Donna Maria Coles Johnson, founder and president of IBN.

“Small business owners need affordable coverage that is narrowly tailored to their specific needs, and which includes particular options and benefits that are unique to very small business,” said Jesse Smedley. “Most of all, the price has to fit.”

“Through an arrangement with another insurance broker, IBN has been helping its members procure products liability and business insurance since 2006,” said Johnson. “Helping them with health insurance is the next logical step to facilitating a well rounded suite of services that makes it easy for them to fill all of their insurance needs by coming to IBN,” she said.

Smedley Insurance Group generates thousands of health insurance quotes every month for over 150 insurance companies in all 50 states. SIG is licensed to do business in all 50 states and specializes in dealing with very small businesses and the real men and women who manage them. In particular, like IBN, Smedley serves family businesses.

Not only has Smedley and IBN taken all the guess work out of buying small business health insurance plans, but they have joined forces to simplify the process into a seamless, efficient process that saves IBN members time and money. “Often times, Smedley will be able to help IBN members lower existing health insurance premiums and place them into a better plan, all with little to no effort on members’ part,” said Smedley.

About the Indie Beauty Network

Founded in 2000 by award-winning small and home-based business advocate Donna Maria Coles Johnson, the Indie Beauty Network is a trade organization that provides business and advocacy services to small manufacturers of cosmetics, soaps, candles, fragrances, jewelry and aromatherapy products. Premium Professional member benefits include affordable products liability insurance, frequent webinars and teleconferences with small business, public relations and other services designed to help IBN members be successful in the competitive global economy.

About Smedley Insurance Group, Inc.

Smedley Insurance Group, Inc. is a National Health Insurance Agency and has been providing insurance guidance to Americans since 2006. SIG is licensed in all 50 States and has Insurance Agents around the Country to provide unbiased, informative and honest insurance advice 24/7. In less than 4 years, SIG has become an online resource for consumers to not only quote and apply for health insurance on their own but educate themselves on insurance in general in order to learn about what they’re purchasing beforehand.