Idee Dolce Launches New Massage Holster: Haute Hip, MASSAGE MagazineIdee Dolce launched its first product at the American Massage Conference: Haute HipTM, an insulated massage holster styled with different fabrics, giving massage therapists a fun way to express themselves in their practice.

Atrice Burns, owner and creator of Idee Dolce, is a mother of two and has been in the massage, health and fitness industry for more than 17 years. Seeing that therapists were limited in their fashion choices via their wardrobe at work, being unable to express their own unique style (for example, through jewelry and accessories) and knowing the importance of wearing a holster at work (keeps your product easily accessible on your hip, allowing you to stay in touch with your client), her holster became her necessary accessory. Wanting something more than the standard black, boring holsters she saw out in the market to hold her product in, she took to her fashion design background and created a holster that was stylish yet functional, making it insulated so the product of choice (lotion, oil, etc.) remains warm or cool.

Haute Hip comes in a variety of different prints, or “personalities” as she refers to them, to suit all styles or moods, and comes in different sizes: single, double and jar holsters. Beautifully hand crafted and proudly made in the U.S., they range in price from $22 to $34 depending on style and fabric.

Atrice’s goal is to give a little “happy” back to the industry, making the therapist who wears one identify with the Haute Hip slogan, “Love the work you do. Love the style you do it in.”

New designs and fabric prints are on the horizon, and Haute Hip can be branded to wear your company logo. For more information, visit