LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., August 04, 2008– iinnLight Technologies, the emerging leader in optimizing light to transform and energize lives, today launched iinnLight Pro™, its debut product for the spa industry that enables spas and wellness centers to powerfully contribute to the wellness revolution by delivering the world’s first Molecular Massage™ while providing a new therapy option to increase profits. iinnLight Pro is a patented therapeutic delivery system that uniquely uses non-invasive light energy to deliver an energizing, stress relieving and skin rejuvenating experience during a 30-minute session.

“The iinnLight Pro marks a major milestone in the spa industry,” said Kathleen Buchanan, chief executive officer, iinnLight Technologies. “We’re taking a proven technology, LED light therapy, and packaging it in a one-of-a-kind delivery system exclusively for spas to help them respond to the skyrocketing demand for new, non-invasive wellness treatments.”

iinnLight Pro light therapy sessions or Molecular Massages can be packaged with other services such as massages and facials, or offered as a stand-alone service. This gives spas a natural pathway into the $1 trillion wellness market and the opportunity to offer their clients a unique, safe and non-invasive wellness and anti-aging solution with no increase in labor. In addition to feeling revitalized, spa guests who experience iinnLight’s Molecular Massage report seeing a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

“The iinnLight Molecular Massage provides an added healing therapy for my patients,” said Dr. Jolanta Lukawski, internal medicine. “In my wellness practice, the goal is to be healthy, feel good and look good, and the non-invasive healing benefits of iinnLight therapy are a successful part of a holistic program. My patients experience benefits in their general sense of wellbeing, smoother skin and reduction of inflammation.”

How it Works
iinnLight Pro emanates three specific wavelengths of modulated light during each 30-minute session. The light, typically applied directly over the face, is absorbed into the body’s tissue then translated into energy which stimulates cellular growth, repair and regeneration of the body. iinnLight Pro specifically stimulates the immune system to promote the most natural form of healthy aging.

No larger than a standard floor lamp, the mobile delivery system enables spa employees to easily maneuver iinnLight Pro to accommodate treatments in different rooms. iinnLight Pro does not require a licensed technician to operate; the employee simply presses a button to start the light therapy and it automatically turns off after 30 minutes. The aesthetician is free to provide spa services to another guest while the Molecular Massage is in process, thereby increasing productivity and revenue for spa owners without increasing labor and training costs.

Pricing and Availability
iinnLight Pro is currently available for sale to destination and resort spas, day spas, and hotels that are focused on providing the latest wellness and anti-aging solutions for their guests. Priced at US $17,500 per iinnLight Pro system, early owners of the iinnLight Pro have achieved payback within four months of purchase. Contact iinnLight Technologies for sales and trial offer information at 949-340-1695.

About iinnLight
iinnLight provides energizing light therapy technology that enables spas to seamlessly increase profits and dramatically capitalize on the wellness revolution with the world’s first Molecular Massage™. iinnLight’s safe and non-invasive light treatments pave the way to the benefits most important to today’s busy individual: stress relief, beauty, restfulness and healthy aging. iinnLight is headquartered in Laguna Beach, Calif. For more information, visit or call 949-340-1695.