“When I thought about how many people resist exercise due to time constraints, and distractions, I asked myself how could I create a solution? The answer was to figure out a way that was easy, effective, feels good and would not take any time away from our busy lives. The answer was the bed!”  – Yamuna Zake

In Bed with YamunaThis month, Master teacher, Yamuna Zake, is launching her new video series, “In Bed with Yamuna,” a collection of highly effective body exercises utilizing her exclusive Yamuna balls, which are designed to enhance body sustainability with maximum ease and minimum time. She will be holding previews and demonstrations this month in New York in select venues in major markets throughout the spring and summer around the world. 

About Yamuna Zake:

Yamuna Zake is a master teacher and world-renowned authority in body sustainability. Her deep understanding of anatomy and how the body functions has enabled her to develop a unique and holistic approach to wellness and exercise. Today there are over 350 practitioners around the world actively participating in trainings and conducting classes teaching her methods.

For press and scheduling demonstrations, contact: yael@yamunabodyrolling.com