ROM Inclinometer™ is an accurate, compact and ergonomic precision-measurement device for professional therapists.

Downers Grove, IL — Independent Design Solutions is producing a newly designed inclinometer for measuring range of motion in patients undergoing various forms of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, clinical massage therapy and chiropractic therapy. An inclinometer is a device for measuring relative angle as measured by degrees. A primary use for the device is in documenting range of extension, flexion and rotation of patient’s cervical spine.

ROM inclinometer™ utilizes a gravity-calibrated indicator that enables accurate biometric measurements that are repeatable due to the constant calibration baseline. The inclinometer housing and form factor is ergonomically shaped to allow it to conform to, or span, the curving forms of the human body.

ROM inclinometer™ is compact enough to easily fit in a pocket yet has a large, easy-to-read analog display. This product provides a simple, elegant and cost-effective solution for the precision needs of professionals, clinics, hospitals and teaching environments.

It is available in three colors; black, white and reflex blue.

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