The specialty of infant massage has grown in use as research shows its benefits. Massage therapists are natural instructors of infant massage, which involves healthy touch provided by parents. In its Dec. 28 edition, The Washington Times newspaper reported on infant massage.

“Infant massage is not about replicating adult massage,” the newspaper says of a comment made by infant-massage instructor Mary Szegda . “It’s true that it’s partly about improving blood circulation and relaxation, which can lead to improved sleep and digestion, but it’s primarily about creating a strong bond between child and parent.”

The article described Szegda’s class in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and quoted parents who are learning to massage their babies.

“‘It’s comforting and restful for both of us. And it allows for focused attention,’ says [student Wendy] Dutton,” in the article.

The International Association of Infant Massage’s focus is on teaching this specialty.