More research on infant massage shows the numerous benefits to both child and parent. For the infant, releif from growing and teething pains, along with colic and consipation, as well as improved learning ablilty can all be gianed from massage. The parents see this massage as a one-on-one bonding experience and mother Juliette Esquea feels it teaches her 11-month old “the right way to touch.”

As parents discover these newfound benefits demand for classes on infant massge are become popular in certain areas. One class in New York City is conducted by Erica Quezada, education director for Early Head Start and includes a two hour once-a-week session as well as three individual meetings in the families home.

Parents feel infant massge is another way to love, nurture, and soothe thier child, although the ability to make a crying baby relax and go to sleep is definitly a plus.  

Monday, June 23, 2008