Inner Factors for Creating a Successful Massage and Bodywork Practice, MASSAGE MagazineBecoming successful in any field or endeavor does not happen by luck. Hard work and determination might be where some people begin; however, there are several inner key factors that set apart those who create successful massage and bodywork practices. Statistics show 4 out of 5 small businesses fail within the first two years of operation. When you look at people with successful practices, their secrets are not always on the surface. A lot of their success factors cannot be seen because their winning combination starts within. 

The first key to having a successful massage and bodywork business is to have an inner vision of what you want to create. A business without a vision is like a ship sailing without a compass. Meditate on this vision and watch it expand. Write your vision down in detail.

The next step is to list the goals of what needs to be done to make this vision happen. List about five to 10 goals. Then, prioritize these goals and make a strategy or plan of how you will address these goals. This is where the hard work, determination and staying focused on your vision comes into play. Keep your vision with you, so that when you get off course you can bring your energy and focus back to your vision and goals. Revisit these monthly. A Harvard study showed only 3 percent of the population writes down goals. This same 3 percent control 97 percent of the world’s wealth. Anyone can set goals, so get started. 

Gandhi said, “That which you cultivate, you become.” We cultivate from within. So if you want to create a successful massage and bodywork business, cultivate success from within. 

Dawn Fleming is a holistic health educator and author of Creating a Successful Holistic Health Practice (home study course) and Navigating the CEU Process, published by Energy Transformations, supporting holistic health practitioners to be successful. For more information, visit