When it comes to caring for the skin, its the ongoing pursuit of product innovation and breakthrough technology that keeps consumers thirsting for the ultimate in moisturization and nutrition properties. That’s why Fruits & Passion has made body care a priority in 2010–adding two new products packed with concentrated plant oils and active natural ingredients to its best-selling Nourishing Collection.

Nourishing Dry Oil for Body and Hair and Nourishing Body Scrub are designed to complement the full line of body-care offerings. As with every product in the collection, these two additions have been developed with all-natural oil and butter bases containing more concentrated active ingredients than most skin-care products available on the market today.

In formulating these new products, Fruits & Passion drew inspiration from the strict adherence of the Nourishing Collection’s sustainable development criteria of authenticity and ethical harvesting. The company made a special point of including a high percentage of natural-source ingredients and avoiding irritants such as silicone, paraben, sulphate, mineral oil and colouring. The result? Both Nourishing Dry Oil for Body and Hair and Body Scrub are healthy and effective with more nourishing and longer lasting benefits delivered to the skin.

Innovation in Body Care: Fruits & Passion's Newest in Nourishing Body Treatments, MASSAGE MagazineNourishing Dry Oil for Body and Hair: 32 percent plant oils* and costs $14 for 5 ounces. This nourishing, silicone-free oil is formulated with fatty acids derived from plant oils* to replenish the skin. It goes on smoothly, quickly penetrating the skin and hair follicle to hydrate, soothe and soften. Nourishing Dry Oil is a liquid yet nonoily formula, leaving a silky film that will not stain on contact with clothing (so there is no waiting for product to absorb before dressing). Its texture makes this versatile oil great to use on hair for a restorative, nourishing effect.

Nourishing Body Scrub: 90 percent natural-source ingredients and costs $22 for 6.1 ounces. Breakout technology combining the nourishing properties of formulated plant oils* (35 percent) with the power of mechanical exfoliation through a rich and creamy combination of salt particles, bamboo and coconut powder, this “super scrub” leaves skin feeling clean, soft and silky smooth. Infused with natural extracts to ensure extra gentle, nonirritating, soothing properties and formulated without paraben, silicone, sulphate, mineral oil or coloring.Innovation in Body Care: Fruits & Passion's Newest in Nourishing Body Treatments, MASSAGE Magazine

Nourishing Dry Oil is available in three Nourishing Collection key ingredient products (Argan, Avocado and Monoï) and the Nourishing Body Scrub is available in two key ingredient products (Argan and Avocado) both can be purchased worldwide in the 186 Fruits & Passion boutiques, nationwide at more than 2,000 specialty stores and at www.fruits-passion.com.

Key ingredients

*Argan oil: Rich in omega-6, this ethically harvested authentic oil nourishes the skin and maintains its elasticity. It is also wonderfully effective on dry skin and plays an important role in cell renewal.

*Avocado oil: Due to its unsaponifiables, ethically harvested authentic avocado oil has regenerative and rehydrating properties for the skin. Avocado oil is also recommended for very dry skin.

*Monoï oil GOS: Rich in lauric acid, this ethically harvested authentic oil with moisturizing, nourishing and restorative properties protects the skin and hair and soothes irritation and dryness caused by the combined effects of bad weather (wind or sun). It also helps maintain a uniform tan.

GOS (Guarantee of Origin Seal)

Ethical and authentic harvesting

• Guaranteed origin

• Responsible resource management

• Support for local economies