WEST PALM BEACH, FL—July 11, 2009 — Journeys: Stories Our Bodies Can Tell, by James Nemec, published by CraniOcean Media of West Palm Beach, again introduces us to a gentle and calming hands-on therapy, which goes beyond the reach of traditional medicine.

“Our bodies tell stories, whether we are aware of it or not. The body, not just the mind, has stories to tell,” the author states.
We all know the statistics of our broken health care system. In 1999, it was reported that 44,000 to 98,000 Americans die each year due to medical and medication errors in hospitals. In 2005, CNN reported that 40 percent of all medical diagnoses in this country were wrong. These numbers haven’t decreased.
By the author of the award winning, Touch the Ocean: The Power of Our Collective Emotions, the point of departure into Journeys is a little known hands-on healing art which uses an extremely light touch, and is often considered a “last door” or “last hope” by many for a healthy and carefree life. Why a last door?  Craniosacral Therapy has been clinically proven to treat and to relieve an array of acute and chronic complaints, including: Scoliosis, Migraines, TMJ, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Seizure Disorders, Depression, more. Moderately priced, it can also relieve stress and pain for the well person. It does this gently, without force, and without medications or surgeries.
Although doctors and hospitals are highly equipped and trained to handle real emergencies such as acute appendicitis, gunshot wounds, cerebral hemorrhages, fresh fractures, and transplants, we learn in Journeys that a craniosacral therapist most often takes on those patients/clients that doctors and hospitals simply have given up on, and those lost in the medical gamut. Craniosacral Therapy works, and one reason it works so well is because it also allows the possibility of an emotional component—a badly needed, but missing ingredient in our healthcare.
This “missing ingredient” forms the substance of the stories in Journeys. Could it be possible that the body has stories to tell, not just the mind? What happens when we address the whole person, not just separate parts?

Rather than endless exercises, meditations, and affirmations, we can learn what’s possible by reading the intimate stories of others who have undergone this therapy. The people in these stories knew nothing of cranial sacral therapy before they walked into the back room of the clinic in Los Angeles where they began their healing journeys. They knew only they wanted to feel better again. They wanted their lives back. The more they learned from the stories their bodies had to tell, the deeper and faster they could reach total health and healing, saving them much money, time, and needless misery.  As they experienced the tangible favorable results, they remained open to what might arise, and they abstained from popular opinion or hearsay.
Excerpt from Journeys: Stories Our Bodies Can Tell

“Our Doctors are very good at seeing only the tree, for example, in all of its details and parts, but not so good at seeing the environment around the tree or that it is planted in the earth or that there is a water source nearby and sky and sunlight overhead.

“Would you like to be treated by a heart doctor who refused to believe in the existence of the surrounding arteries and veins? What of a neurosurgeon who did not believe in the existence of a craniosacral system, and its unique bio-mechanics?”
Written in an easy-to-read and lyrical style, with touches of humor, Nemec’s new book, Journeys: Stories Our Bodies Can Tell, [ISBN: 978-09792805-1-1, $19.95] shows us what happens when doctors and hospitals have given up hope, and what is possible. Published by CraniOcean Media, an IBPA interdependent press with international distribution, http://craniocean.com/media, Journeys was hailed in pre-publication reviews, as, “simple and magically beautiful, miraculous,” “beautifully written,” and [was said to] “draw the reader in for a journey of a lifetime.”

For more, go to the author’s website, http://craniocean.com. At the end, Nemec stands the book on its head, challenging us to find out for ourselves.
James Nemec, originally from South Florida, a poet and L.A. playwright, has also worked with well-people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, as a licensed massage therapist and certified craniosacral therapist for more than 15 years. An innovator and maverick in his field, the Harvard Coop notes, “Nemec is celebrated for his ability to combine science and intuition to heal those previously beyond help.”

After a successful prepublication event in Los Angeles, the tour continues soon in Atlanta and then in the Palm Beaches. Journeys is now available everywhere online, including Barnes and Noble online and better bookstores. Distributed by New Leaf.